Appendix I—Infrastructure and Transport portfolio bodies

During 2010–11 the Infrastructure and Transport portfolio included the bodies listed below in Table I.1

Table I.1 Infrastructure and Transport portfolio bodies
Type Name Website
Departmental bodies  
Ministerial councils Australian Transport Council
Joint Commonwealth-state bodies Australian Motor Vehicle Certification Board n/a
National Marine Safety Committee
National Road Safety Council
Standing Committee on Transport n/a
Advisory bodies Australian Bicycle Council
Sydney Airport Community Forum
Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme Review Authority n/a
Strategic Vehicle Safety and Environment Groupa n/a
Statutory authorities, statutory committees and royal commissions Infrastructure Australia
International Air Services Commission
Marine Council n/a
Motor Vehicle Standards Review Panel n/a
Statutory office holders Administrator of Vehicle Standards n/a
Associate Administrators of Vehicle Standards n/a
Infrastructure Coordinator
Inspector of Transport Security
Registrar of Liner Shipping
Prescribed agencies under the FMA Act Australian Transport Safety Bureau
Commonwealth authorities under the CAC Act Airservices Australia
Australian Maritime Safety Authority
Civil Aviation Safety Authority
Statutory corporations (that are neither Commonwealth authorities nor encompassed in an FMA Act agency) National Transport Commissionb
Commonwealth companies under the CAC Act (limited by shares) Australian Rail Track Corporation
Other companies (limited by guarantee) Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) Group Ltd
Transport Certification Australia Ltd

CAC Act = Commonwealth Authorities and Companies Act 1997

FMA Act = Financial Management and Accountability Act 1997

n/a = not available online

a The Technical Liaison Group was reconstituted as the Strategic Vehicle Safety and Environment Group on 23 July 2010.

b Parliament passed amendments to the National Transport Commission Act 2003 at the end of 2010 that will bring the National Transport Commission under the CAC Act from 1 July 2011.

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