Appendix H - Airport performance data

The information in this appendix supplements the performance reporting in the body of the annual report, particularly the summary information on airport performance for Program 2.4.

Airport lease review meetings

The Department conducts annual lease reviews of the 21 leased federal airports to ensure compliance with the terms of their leases.

Table H.1 Airport Lease Review Meetings 2007 to 2011
Airport 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
Adelaide 25-May-07 21-May-08 23-Apr-09 29-Jun-10 18-May-11
Alice Springs 20-Jul-07 23-Jul-08 5-May-09 15-Jun-10 17-May-11
Archerfield 27-Jun-07 30-May-08 15-Jun-09 28-Jun-10 21-June-11
Bankstown 9-May-07 21-May-08 11-Jun-09 17-Jun-10 24-June-11
Brisbane 31-May-07 28-May-08 16-Jun-09 23-Jun-10 26-May-11
Camden 9-May-07 21-May-08 11-Jun-09 17-Jun-10 24-June-11
Canberra 1-Jun-07 13-May-08 7-May-09 11-Jun-10 31-May-11
Darwin 20-Jul-07 23-Jul-08 5-May-09 15-Jun-10 17-May-11
Essendon 17-May-07 29-May-08 3-May-09 4-Aug-10 24-June-11
Gold Coast 1-Jun-07 8-May-08 20-May-09 18-Jun-10 10-June-11
Hobart 4-Jul-07 12-Jun-08 30-Apr-09 17-Aug-10 31-May-11
Jandakot 9-Jul-07 19-May-08 13-May-09 12-Jul-10 31-May-11
Launceston 16-May-07 26-May-08 29-Apr-09 18-Aug-10 02-June-11
Melbourne 15-Jun-07 27-May-08 28-May-09 20-Jul-10 17-May-11
Moorabbin 18-May-07 24-Apr-08 2-May-09 19-Jul-10 28-July-11
Mount Isa 1-Jun-07 8-May-08 20-May-09 Jun-10 10-June-11
Parafield 25-May-07 21-May-08 23-Apr-09 29-Jun-10 18-May-11
Perth 10-Jun-07 20-May-08 14-May-09 13-Jul-10 20-Jun-11
Sydney 25-Jun-07 16-May-08 5-Jun-09 8-Jun-10 31-May-11
Tennant Creek 20-Jul-07 23-Jul-08 5-May-09 15-Jun-10 17-May-11
Townsville 1-Jun-07 8-May-08 20-May-09 18-Jun-10 10-June-11

Airport insurance reviews

Through the airport leases and sale agreements, airport lessee companies have obligations to the Australian Government in relation to maintaining a range of insurances. To establish more effective and appropriate insurance arrangements, the Department has appointed an insurance consultant to advise it on insurance requirements for the sale agreements and the levels of cover held by airport lessee companies.

Table H.2 Airport insurance reviews
Airport Adviser's report received by Department Department's first follow-up with airport Final documents received from airport Final letter to airport
Adelaide Parafield 17-May-11 Not required Not required 18-May-11
Archerfield 20-June-11 20-Jun-11 20-Jun-11 21-Jun-11
Bankstown Camden 16-Nov-10 2-Feb-11 25-Mar-11 30-Mar-11
Brisbane 15-Jun-11 Not required Not required 15-June-11
Canberra 21-Mar-11 Not required Not required 18-May-11
Darwin Alice Springs Tennant Creek 21-Mar-11 Not required Not required 18-May-11
Essendon 21-Mar-11 Not required Not required 5-Apr-11
Gold Coast Townsville Mt Isa 22-Jun-11 Not required Not required 22-Jun-11
Hobart 13-Apr-11 Not required Not required 13-Apr-11
Jandakot 2-Jun-11 Not required Not required 8-Jun-11
Melbourne Launceston 16-Jun-11 Not required Not required 16-Jun-11
Moorabbin 29-Jun-11 Not required Not required 29-Jun-11
Perth 15-Mar-11 Not required Not required 18-May-11
Sydney 31-May-11 Not required Not required 8-Jun-11

Notes: The renewal periods of insurance policies vary across airports. Therefore, the information above may not necessarily reflect financial year outcomes.

For the purpose of this table, the period under review is July 2010 to June 2011.

Environment authorisations

The Department may authorise an airport to undertake an action that may result in environmental-emissions limits being exceeded, where the emissions will be no more damaging to the environment than if the limits were met.

Table H.3 Environmental authorisations
Airport Airport Environment Officer Authorisation holder Date Approved Period of validity Nature of authorisation Gazetted
Sydney Julie Coughlan Julie Coughlan 7-Apr-10 21-Mar-2010 to 20-Mar-2013 Under 5.09(1)(b) of Airport (Environment Protection) Regulations 1997-periodic discharge of sewage from overflow points at Discharge Bay Mill Pond at Sydney (Kingsford Smith) Airport No. GN 22, 9 June 2010

Environment protection orders

The Department may make an environment protection order under Part 7, Division 1 of the Airports (Environment Protection) Regulations 1997 to direct an airport to comply with a duty to avoid polluting, to preserve habitat, etc, or to prevent offensive noise occurring.

Table H.4 Environment protection orders
Airport Airport Environment Officer Date made Reason for environment protection order
Melbourne Bryan Perry 15 April 11 All measures that are reasonable and practicable were not being taken to manage storm water on, and leaving, the airport site, to prevent or minimise turbidity having an adverse effect on that storm water and on downstream on-site or off-site receiving waters.

Master plans and master development plans under assessment

All leased federal airports must have a final Master Plan which is approved by the Minister. This provides for a 20-year strategic vision for the airport site, including future land uses, types of permitted development and noise and environmental impacts. Major Development Plans (MDPs) are required for major developments at leased federal airports and are prepared by airport-lessee companies. Table I.5 outlines the Master Plan and MDPs currently under assessment.

Table H.5 Master Plans and MDPs under assessment
Plan type under assessment Location
Master Plan Archerfield Airport
Major Development Plan Perth Airport-Roy Hill Remote Operations Centre and Administrative Offices

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