Annual Report 2010–11

Welcome to the online version of the Department's 2010–11 Annual Report. This report is available in PDF format, for easy download and printing, as well as HTML format, which includes the text-to-speech function.

PDF Version

Annual Report 2010–11 PDF: 6794 KB ReadSpeaker

Supplement: List of Consultancies 2010-2011 PDF: 75 KB ReadSpeaker

Annual Report component downloads

Preliminaries PDF: 539 KB ReadSpeaker
Year in review PDF: 787 KB ReadSpeaker
Department overview PDF: 1028 KB ReadSpeaker
Infrastructure PDF: 733 KB ReadSpeaker
Transport PDF: 1262 KB ReadSpeaker
Infrastructure Australia PDF: 1100 KB ReadSpeaker
Management and accountability PDF: 873 KB ReadSpeaker
Appendices PDF: 948 KB ReadSpeaker
Financial Statements PDF: 1256 KB ReadSpeaker
Index and Key Terms PDF: 437 KB ReadSpeaker


Last Updated: 29 October, 2014