Guide to this report

The Department's annual report focuses on explaining how the resources entrusted to it have been used. The report:

  • takes into account the Requirements for Annual Reports approved by the Joint Committee of Public Accounts and Audit in June 2010
  • uses data, photographs and other materials from a range of sources to put our activities and results into context, and
  • provides advice about where other annual reports the department is required to publish or contribute to, can be obtained.

As this report contains photos, it may contain images of deceased persons and of places that could cause sorrow.

How information is presented

Key terms and acronyms are explained as they are introduced, and are listed from page 268.

Tables throughout the report use notations as follows:

$m $ million - either zero or nil na not applicable

Amounts are generally rounded to the 100 thousand dollars. All totals are the rounded sum of unrounded amounts and thus may not be the strict sum of the figures presented.

How to get copies of this report or more information

Reports are available in printed form from more than 35 libraries around Australia under the Australian Government library deposit and free issue scheme. For a list of these libraries, please contact the Australian Government Information Management Office

This report is also available on our website It is published in a variety of digital formats to make it accessible to the largest possible audience, including people in regional areas and people with a disability. It is usually available online the day after it is tabled in the Parliament.

Before making decisions or acting on information in this report, you are advised to contact the Department. This report was up-to-date when it was printed, but details can change over time due to legislative, policy and other developments.

Equally, if you have suggestions about how we could improve our annual report, please let us know.

To contact our annual report team:

telephone 02 6274 7111
mail (no stamp required): Annual Report Coordinator,
Reply Paid 594, CANBERRA ACT 2601

Contact details for other parts of the Department can be found on its website

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Last Updated: 24 October, 2014