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Annual Report 2009-10

Welcome to the online versions of the Department's 2009-10 Annual Report. This report is available in PDF format, for easy download and printing and in HTML format, which includes the text-to-speech function.

PDF Version

Annual Report 2009-10 [PDFPDF: 2343 KB] [ReadSpeaker]

Annual Report component downloads

Preliminaries [PDFPDF: 396 KB] [ReadSpeaker]
Year in review [PDFPDF: 121 KB] [ReadSpeaker]
Department overview [PDFPDF: 181 KB] [ReadSpeaker]
Infrastructure [PDFPDF: 151 KB] [ReadSpeaker]
Transport [PDFPDF: 398 KB] [ReadSpeaker]
Regional development and local government [PDFPDF: 260 KB] [ReadSpeaker]
Infrastructure Australia [PDFPDF: 276 KB] [ReadSpeaker]
Management and accountability [PDFPDF: 171 KB] [ReadSpeaker]
Appendices [PDFPDF: 365 KB] [ReadSpeaker]
Financial Statements [PDFPDF: 717 KB] [ReadSpeaker]
Index and Key Terms [PDFPDF: 152 KB] [ReadSpeaker]
List of Consultancies [PDFPDF: 94 KB] [ReadSpeaker] (Note: this document is a supplement to the printed report)


Last Updated: 27 February, 2013