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Index and Key terms

Acronyms and abbreviations

AAO   Administrative Arrangements Order
ACCC   Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
ACLG   Australian Council of Local Government
ACT   Australian Capital Territory
ADRs   Australian Design Rules
AEO   Airport Environment Officers
AGRIS   Australian Government Regional Information Service
AIG   Aviation Implementation Group
Airports Act   Airports Act 1996
AMSA   Australian Maritime Safety Authority
AN   Australian National Railways Commission
ANAO   Australian National Audit Office
APEC   Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
APS   Australian Public Service
APSC   Australian Public Service Commission
APTNAC   Accessible Public Transport National Advisory Committee
ARTC   Australian Rail Track Corporation
ASAF   Aviation Security Advisory Forum
ASIC   Aviation Security Identification Card
ATC   Australian Transport Council
ATSB   Australian Transport Safety Bureau
AWA   Australian Workplace Agreement
BITRE   Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics
CASA   Civil Aviation Safety Authority
COAG   Council of Australian Governments
EPBC Act   Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999
ESC   electronic stability control
ESD   ecologically sustainable development
FCAI   Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries
FIRS   Federal Interstate Registration Scheme
FOI   freedom of information
FOI Act   Freedom of Information Act 1982
GJ   gigajoule (of energy)
GVG   Green Vehicle Guide
ICAO   International Civil Aviation Organization
ICAO AIG   International Civil Aviation Organization Accident Investigation Group
ICT   information and communication technology
IiP   Investor in People
IMO   International Maritime Organization
IOPC   International Oil Pollution Compensation
IT   information technology
ISASI   International Society of Air Safety Investigators
ITSAP   Indonesian Transport Safety Assistance Package
JTRC   Joint Transport Research Centre
LAGs   liquids, aerosols and gels
MAIIF   Marine Accident Investigators International Forum
MJ   megajoule (of energy)
MOU   memorandum of understanding
MP   Member of Parliament
MPF   Major Project Facilitation
NSW   New South Wales
NT   Northern Territory
NTC   National Transport Commission
OECD   Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
OGSF   Oil and Gas Security Forum
OH&S   occupational health and safety
PAES   Portfolio Additional Estimates Statements
PBS   Portfolio Budget Statements
Qld.   Queensland
RACA   Regulated Air Cargo Agent
RAWS   Registered Automotive Workshop Scheme
RDA   Regional Development Australia
SA   South Australia
SES   Senior Executive Service
Tas.   Tasmania
TCA   Transport Certification Australia
Vic.   Victoria
WA   Western Australia

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