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Appendix I - Airport performance data

The information in this appendix supplements the performance reporting in the body of the annual report, particularly the summary information on airport performance for Output 2.3.3.

Airport lease review meetings

The Department conducts annual lease reviews of the 21 leased federal airports to ensure compliance with the terms of their leases.

Table I.1 Airport lease review meetings, 2005 to 2009

Airport 2005 lease review meeting held 2006 lease review meeting held 2007 lease review meeting held 2008 lease review meeting held 2009 lease review meeting held
Adelaide 1-Jun-05 22-Jun-06 25-May-07 21-May-08 23-Apr-09
Alice Springs 29-Jul-05 24-Aug-06 20-Jul-07 23-Jul-08 5-May-09
Archerfield 30-Jun-05 19-Jul-06 27-Jun-07 30-May-08 15-Jun-09
Bankstown 12-May-05 29-Mar-06 9-May-07 21-May-08 11-Jun-09
Brisbane 11-Jul-05 23-May-06 31-May-07 28-May-08 16-Jun-09
Camden 12-May-05 29-Mar-06 9-May-07 21-May-08 11-Jun-09
Canberra 28-Jun-05 16-Jun-06 1-Jun-07 13-May-08 7-May-09
Darwin 29-Jul-05 24-Aug-06 20-Jul-07 23-Jul-08 5-May-09
Essendon 9-Jun-05 5-May-06 17-May-07 29-May-08 3-May-09
Gold Coast 27-Jul-05 18-Jul-06 1-Jun-07 8-May-08 20-May-09
Hobart 16-Mar-05 5-Apr-06 4-Jul-07 12-Jun-08 30-Apr-09
Hoxton Park 12-May-05 29-Mar-06 9-May-07 21-May-08 n/a
Jandakot 21-Apr-05 26-Sep-06 9-Jul-07 19-May-08 13-May-09
Launceston 5-Apr-05 28-Jun-06 16-May-07 26-May-08 29-Apr-09
Melbourne 23-Aug-05 22-Aug-06 15-Jun-07 27-May-08 28-May-09
Moorabbin 8-Jun-05 4-May-06 18-May-07 24-Apr-08 2-May-09
Mount Isa 1-Nov-05 18-Jul-06 1-Jun-07 8-May-08 20-May-09
Parafield 1-Jun-05 22-Jun-06 25-May-07 21-May-08 23-Apr-09
Perth 22-Apr-05 25-Sep-06 10-Jun-07 20-May-08 14-May-09
Sydney 11-May-05 29-Mar-06 25-Jun-07 16-May-08 5-Jun-09
Tennant Creek 29-Jul-05 24-Aug-06 20-Jul-07 23-Jul-08 5-May-09
Townsville 27-Jul-05 18-Jul-06 1-Jun-07 8-May-08 20-May-09

Airport insurance reviews

Through the airport lease and sale agreements, airport lessee companies have obligations to the Commonwealth in relation to maintaining a range of insurances. With a view to establishing more effective and appropriate insurance arrangements, the Department has appointed an insurance consultant to advise it on matters relating to the insurance requirements of the airport leases and the levels of cover held by airport lessee companies.

Table I.2 Airport insurance reviews

Airport Adviser's report received by department Date of Department's first follow-up with airport Date final documents received from airport Date of final letter to airport
Adelaide/Parafield 10-Mar-09 n/a 13-Jan-09 10-Mar-09
Archerfield 23-Oct-08 n/a 15-Sep-08 30-Oct-08
Bankstown/Camden 21-Oct-08 n/a 18-Mar-09 22-Oct-08
Brisbane 2-Jan-09 10-Mar-09 8-Apr-09 14-Apr-09
Canberra 12-Dec-08 16-Dec-08 21-Jan-09 13-Feb-09
Darwin/Alice Springs/Tennant Creek 12-Dec-08 15-Dec-08 12-Jan-09 28-Jan-09
Essendon 7-Oct-08 8-Oct-08 9-Oct-08 21-Oct-08
Gold Coast/Townsville/Mt Isa 4-Mar-09 5-Mar-09 6-Mar-09 16-Mar-09
Hobart 4-Sep-08 4-Sep-08 10-Nov-08 24-Nov-08
Jandakot 17-Sep-08 22-Sep-08 22-Sep-08 29-Sep-08
Melbourne/Launceston 3-Dec-08 5-Dec-08 10-Dec-08 16-Dec-08
Moorabbin 17-Sep-08 n/a 4-Aug-08 2-Oct-08
Perth 2-Jan-09 5-Jan-09 6-Jan-09 8-Jan-09
Sydney 11-Mar-09 13-Mar-09 20-May-09 25-Jun-09

The renewal periods of insurance policies vary across airports. Therefore, the information reflected above may not necessarily reflect financial year outcomes.
For the purpose of this table, the period under review is July 2008-June 2009.

Environmental authorisations

The Department may authorise an airport to undertake an action that may result in environmental emissions limits being exceeded where the emissions will be no more damaging to the environment than if the limits were met.

Table I.3 Environmental authorisations

Airport AEO Authorisation holder Date approved Period of validity Nature of authorisation Gazetted? (date/issue)
No authorisations were issued during 2008-09 - - - - - -

Timeliness of airport expenditure plans and audit reports

The sale agreements for 10 of the leased federal airports (Adelaide, Alice Springs, Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast, Darwin, Hobart, Launceston, Melbourne and Perth airports) included binding obligations for aeronautical infrastructure development to be completed during the first 10 years of privatised operation. This period has expired, with all the airports having discharged their obligations.

Approved major development plans

A major development plan is required for each 'major development' at an airport, as defined in s. 89 of the Airports Act 1996.

Table I.4 Approved major development plans

Airport Development Approval date
Darwin Home and Lifestyle Super Centre 18-May-09
Darwin Expansion of domestic terminal 5-Feb-09
Brisbane Domestic terminal extension 5-Feb-09
Brisbane Roadwork upgrades to Airport Drive/Gateway Motorway 7-Jan-09
Adelaide Hotel complex 15-Oct-08
Brisbane Domestic terminal multi-level carpark 14-Oct-08
Sydney Runway End Safety Area Project (RESA) 15-Aug-08
Canberra 15 Lancaster Place Office Development 18-Apr-08
Hobart Outlet centre and bulky goods/homemaker centre 8-Oct-07
Brisbane Federal Office building 28-Sep-07
Brisbane Hotel Precinct - No.1 Airport Drive 28-Sep-08
Brisbane Parallel runway 18-Sep-07
Gold Coast Terminal expansion 10-Sep-07
Perth Linfox warehouse and distribution centre 8-Aug-07
Melbourne DHL Danzas freight facility (MDP minor variation) 25-Jul-07
Melbourne Mixed use development 13-Jul-07
Canberra Southern office complex 26-May-07
Brisbane Convenience centre 27-Mar-07
Hobart Checked baggage screening facility 12-Feb-07
Brisbane Northern access roads project 27-Sep-06
Brisbane Gateway upgrade project 13-Sep-06
Brisbane International terminal/concourse extension 5-Sep-06
Perth Clay manufacturing plant 15-Aug-06
Perth Coles Myer distribution centre 24-Jul-06
Brisbane Multi-level car park 20-Jun-06
Canberra Factory outlet centre 26-Apr-06
Canberra Runway extension, minor variation 4-Apr-06
Melbourne Reject Shop distribution centre 1-Mar-06
Melbourne DHL Danzas air and ocean freight facility 1-Mar-06
Gold Coast Tugun bypass 20-Feb-06
Essendon Bulla Road, minor variation 13-Oct-05
Sydney KSA Car park - international precinct 13-Apr-05
Adelaide IKEA store 1-Feb-05
Parafield Cross Keys works 19-Jan-05
Essendon Bulla Road commercial-retail development 16-Dec-04
Melbourne Office development 12-Nov-04
Gold Coast Runway works 8-Nov-04
Canberra Runway works 25-Aug-04
Brisbane Direct factory outlet 25-Jun-04
Melbourne International mail sorting facility 16-Jun-04
Brisbane Virgin Blue hangar 11-May-04
Perth Woolworths warehousing and distribution park 14-Nov-03
Canberra Terminal expansion 4-Nov-03

Notes: Major development plans currently under development or consideration by the Minister:
Melbourne - Distribution Centre
Melbourne - Restricted retail and warehouse office facility
Melbourne - Investor Office Park, Melrose Drive

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