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Annual Report 2008-09

Welcome to the online versions of the Department's 2008-09 Annual Report. This report is available in HTML format for web browsing and PDF format for easy download and printing.

HTML version

Acknowledgements and copyright
Letter of transmittal
Guide to this report

Chapter 1

Year in Review

Secretary report
Summary of financial performance

Chapter 2

About Us

Our Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries
About the portfolio
About the Department
Our governance arrangements

Chapter 3

Outcome 1 - Infrastructure

Output 1.1.1: Infrastructure investment policy and programs
Case study 3.1: South Australian Northern Expressway
Output 1.1.2: Infrastructure investment coordination

Chapter 4

Outcome 2 - Transport

Output 2.1.1: Transport safety investigations
Case Study 4.1: International collaboration on Qantas flight QF30
Output 2.2.1: Transport security policy, programs and regulation
Case Study 4.2: Checked baggage screening at regional airports
Output 2.3.1: Surface transport policy, programs and regulation
Case Study 4.3: Best Practice Regulation Reform for Single National Jurisdiction
Output 2.3.2: Road safety and vehicle policy, programs and regulation
Output 2.3.3: Aviation and airports policy, programs and regulation

Chapter 5

Outcome 3 - Regional development and local government

Regional development and local government
Output 3.1.1: Regional development policy and programs
Output 3.2.1: Local government policy and programs
Case Study 5.1: Australian Council of Local Government

Chapter 6

Infrastructure Australia

Letter of Transmittal
Infrastructure Australia

Chapter 7

Management and accountability


APPENDIX A: Agency resource statements and resources for outcomes

APPENDIX B: Activities of Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics

Case Study B.1: International Transport Forum 2009 - Leipzig, Germany, 26-29 May 2009

APPENDIX C: Departmental procurement practices and outcomes

APPENDIX D: Report under the Commonwealth Disability Strategy

APPENDIX E: Report on ecologically sustainable development

APPENDIX F: Report under the Freedom Of Information Act 1982

APPENDIX G: List of grants programs

APPENDIX H: Additional human resource statistics

APPENDIX I: Airport performance data

APPENDIX J: Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government portfolio bodies

APPENDIX K: Changes to key performance indicators since the 2008-09 Portfolio Budget Statements

APPENDIX L: Audit Office and parliamentary scrutiny

Financial Statements

Financial Statements [PDFPDF: 855 KB] [ReadSpeaker] (available in PDF format only)

Index and Key Terms

Compliance index
Glossary of terms
Acronyms and abbreviations

PDF Version

Annual Report 2008-09 [PDFPDF: 4329 KB] [ReadSpeaker]

Annual Report component downloads

Preliminaries [PDFPDF: 1084 KB] [ReadSpeaker]
Year in Review [PDFPDF: 249 KB] [ReadSpeaker]
About Us [PDFPDF: 420 KB] [ReadSpeaker]
Outcome 1 - Infrastructure [PDFPDF: 312 KB] [ReadSpeaker]
Outcome 2 - Transport [PDFPDF: 555 KB] [ReadSpeaker]
Outcome 3 - Regional Development and Local Government [PDFPDF: 313 KB] [ReadSpeaker]
Infrastructure Australia [PDFPDF: 892 KB] [ReadSpeaker]
Management and Accountability [PDFPDF: 272 KB] [ReadSpeaker]
Appendices [PDFPDF: 438 KB] [ReadSpeaker]
Financial Statements [PDFPDF: 855 KB] [ReadSpeaker]
Index and Key Terms [PDFPDF: 283 KB] [ReadSpeaker]
List of Consultancies [PDFPDF: 115 KB] [ReadSpeaker] (Note: this document is a supplement to the printed report)

Legal Services Expenditure [PDFPDF: 52 KB] [ReadSpeaker]