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Report on performance

5. Outcome 3 - Regional Development and Local Government

What this chapter covers

This chapter describes the Department's regional development and local government outcome, Outcome 3, and its outputs and reports on performance for the individual outputs. Each report includes:

  • an overview of the output's functions and how it is delivered;
  • a summary of the results for 2008-09 for the output and any associated administered programs against the key performance indicators and targets published in the 2008-09 Portfolio Budget Statements (PBS); and
  • a detailed report on the performance of the output in 2008-09 against the applicable headings from the 2008-09 PBS.

Outcome and outputs

Figure 5.1 shows the relationships between Outcome 3 and its outputs, and identifies the business divisions responsible for delivering the outputs.

Outcome 3 was updated on 17 December 2008 from Assisting regions and local government to develop and manage their futures as appeared in the 2008-09 PBS.

Figure 5.1 Outcome 3 and outputs

Figure 5.1 Outcome 3 and outputs

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