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Specific acknowledgements for the use of data, photographs and other materials are included throughout this report. Where we do not do so, the Department is the source of the material.

Design and Artwork Design Direction
Editing WordsWorth Writing
Photographs Some of the photographs of the executive on page 13 were taken on behalf of the Department by Geoff Comfort. The photograph of the Northern Expressway that appears on page 32 was provided by the South Australian Government. The photograph on page 140 was supplied courtesy of Marco Urban, OECD/ITF. The photographs on page 106 was taken on behalf of Infrastructure Australia by Mr Tony Clark from Tjunction Media.

Blue Star- ACT

This report has been printed using four colours for the cover and two colours, Pantone 289 (dark blue), and Pantone 660 (royal blue) for internal pages, and in two formats, perfect bound for parliamentary tabling and in half spiral bound for general distribution.


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