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Corrections to the 2006-07 Annual Report

No material errors have been identified in the 2006-07 Annual Report. However the following minor corrections apply to the printed version:

  • On pages 277 and 278 of Appendix C, the dollar figures for Market Research and Advertising for 2006-07 in Figures C1 and C2 should have appeared as GST inclusive rather than GST exclusive amounts. The GST inclusive amount can be obtained by multiplying each figure by 1.1.
  • On page 272 in Appendix B, the URL for the BTRE that appears at the foot of the "Case Study: Regional Research" should have appeared as www.bitre.gov.au.
  • On page 149 in Table 3.39, the figure for the spending to 30 June 2006 at Canberra Airport should be $51.3m instead of $50.7m; accordingly, the figure for the total (all 10 airports) spending to 30 June 2006 should be $630.6m instead of $630.0m.

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