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Case Studies

Case Study 6.2: Improving IT services

In transitioning to a new service provider, the Department has improved its information technology (IT) managed services and positioned itself to effectively administer a timely refresh of its IT hardware and desktop services.

In order to promote prudent procurement practices and maintain strong and efficient IT foundations, every four years the Department reassesses its IT managed services and technological support.

In early 2008 the Department entered into a request for tender (RFT) process to test the depth of IT service providers in the marketplace. There were several respondents to the RFT; each was required to undergo stringent technical assessments, including financial viability assessments and legal risk assessments conducted by external agencies.

The Department subsequently awarded the contract to the ASG Group, which commenced full services on 1 July 2008. The handover of service provider to ASG Group was seamless, in that it resulted in no interruption of IT services at any time during or after handover activities.

As part of the RFT process, ASG Group was required to put forward a technology refresh plan, which will result in new hardware and software arrangements for every one of the Department's workstations by the end of 2008. This involves standard personal computers being replaced by more modern systems with updated Microsoft software. A roll-out team has been established to coordinate the refresh, which involves the training of staff in the use of the updated software.

A departmental staff member using an updated standard personal computer

A departmental staff member using an updated standard personal computer (Photo DITRDLG)

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