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Case Studies

Case Study 5.1: Working with four indigenous communities in the East Kimberley, WA

The role of the Department is to assist regions to manage their own futures, through our programs and policy development.

In 2007 and the early part of 2008 the Department's Indigenous Policy team continued the work of the COAG Indigenous Trial with four communities in the East Kimberley region - Balgo, Billiluna, Mulan and Ringer Soak. The Department has been working with these communities since 2003, sponsoring a number of projects for skills development, encouraging community involvement and strategic direction.

At a meeting of community and government stakeholders in June 2007, the communities identified youth engagement, particularly employment and training, as a key concern.

In response to those concerns, the Department worked with a consultant, Peter Kenyon from the Bank of I.D.E.A.S., to develop an Employment and Training Action Plan. The goal of the action plan was to identify employment opportunities and increase choices for the communities, particularly youth.

There were five focus areas for the plan:

  • Developing youth pathways;
  • Exploring mutual industry opportunities in mining, forestry and agriculture;
  • Growing arts and tourism;
  • Creating real jobs; and
  • Improving housing.

A small team worked with the communities in October 2007 to prepare the action plan, which was then passed to agencies in the region and key Australian Government departments for consideration.

Children from the Mulan community in the East Kimbereley Region

Children from the Mulan community in the East Kimbereley Region (Photo: DITRDLG)

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