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Report on performance

Outcome 3-Regional Development and Local Government Outputs and Programs

Regional development and local government overview
Output 3.1.1: Regional development policy and programs
Output 3.2.1: Local government policy and programs

Regional development and local government overview


During 2007-08, the Department advised on and led national efforts to address regional and local government issues by:

  • delivering a range of administered programs and policy advice to support the sustainable development of self-reliant and resilient communities; and
  • delivering Financial Assistance Grants to local governments.

Outcome and outputs

Figure 5.1 shows the relationships between Outcome 3 and its two outputs, as published in the 2008-09 Portfolio Budget Statements (PBS), and identifies the responsible business division. The figure also relates each of the current outputs to the corresponding output under the previous outcome and output structure.

Under the Administrative Arrangements Order made in December 2007, responsibility for services to territories and natural disaster relief functions, and the associated administered programs, was transferred from the Department to the Attorney-General's Department.

Figure 5.1 Outcome 3 and outputs

Figure 5.1	Outcome 3 and outputs

What this chapter covers

Revised outcome and output structure

When the Department was restructured during 2007-08 to reflect the new Australian Government's priorities, the outcome and output structure was revised. The structure of the performance chapters of this report reflects the new outcome and output structure, which was published in the 2008-09 PBS. Refer Appendix L whcih shows both the current and previous structures.

Performance indicators

This chapter describes the Department's performance against the performance indicators (excluding price and cost) published in the 2007-08 PBS or modified in the 2007-08 Portfolio Additional Estimates Statements (PAES).

Financial performance indicators - price (for outputs) and cost (for administered programs) - are on an accrual expense basis as published in the 2007-08 PAES and have been adjusted to reflect the revised outcome and output structure.

In most cases, the effectiveness, quantity, quality and location performance indicators are as originally published in the 2007-08 PBS. Exceptions occur because:

  • several new programs and their accompanying performance indicators were first published in the 2007-08 PAES; and
  • the performance indicators for any new or modified programs announced in the Portfolio Supplementary Additional Estimates Statements (PSAES) are not published until the following year's PBS, even if the new or modified programs have implications for the current financial year. Refer Appendix K for a list of new or modified performance indicators.

Reporting structure

The chapter begins with a table summarising the attributed budgeted and actual resources of Outcome 3 and the overall performance achieved in 2007-08.

This is followed by the reports on performance for individual outputs. Each output report includes:

  • an overview of the output's functions and how they are delivered;
  • a cross-reference to the applicable 2007-08 PBS output;
  • a summary of the output's results against the performance indicators;
  • a more detailed report on the output's performance against each indicator; and
  • if the output has administered programs, a report on performance against the indicators for each program.

Each output and administered summary report also includes a rating of progress towards achievement of the performance indicators using the following ratings:

 Fully achieved
 Mostly achieved
 Partly achieved
 Not achieved

These ratings are an overall assessment of performance for 2007-08, taking into account both financial and non-financial aspects.

Resources and performance - Outcome 3

Table 5.1 Summary of resources and performance

Outcome 3 - Regional development and local government          
Output 3.1.1 - Regional development policy and programs 40,631 41,675 2.6 181
Administered programs          
Area Consultative Committeesc 17,424 16,869 -3.2 191
Better Regionsd 4,200 0 -100.0 193
Construction of the Bert Hinkler Hall of Aviation Museum 1,450 1,450 0.0 194
Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal 500 500 0.0 194
Improving regional women's representation in decision makinge 618 0 -100.0 195
Regional and Rural Research and Development Grants 228 228 0.0 195
Regional Partnershipsf 85,986 57,969 -32.6 196
Remote Air Services Subsidy Scheme 4,398 4,260 -3.1 199
Sustainable Regionsg 15,348 4,697 -69.4 201
Young District Medical Centre 140 127 -9.3 204
Output 3.2.1 - Local government policy and programs 2,606 4,383 68.2 205
Administered programs          
Local Government Financial Assistance Grants 1,761,241 1,780,805 1.1 209
Supplementary funding to South Australian councils for local roads 13,592 13,592 0.0 210
Local government amalgamation - plebiscites in Queensland 1,542 1,542 0.0 211
Outcome 3 - All outputs
Total price of departmental outputs 43,237 46,058 6.5    
Less receipts from independent sources 701 601 14.3    
Net price to government 42,536 45,457 6.9    
Administered programs summary
Total cost of administered programs 1,906,667 1,882,039 1.3    
Plus depreciation, write-down of assets etc. 0 0 0.0    
Total administered operating expenses 1,906,667 1,882,039 1.3    
Less administered revenues 4,923 4,931 0.2    
Net cost to government 1,901,744 1,877,108 -1.3    
Average staffing level 243 271 11.4    

a The budget shown for departmental outputs is the attributed budget for the Department's revised outcome and output structure as first published in the 2008-09 PBS, and reflects the final budget as per the 2007-08 PAES. Appendix M shows the output budgets and actuals in accordance with the Department's previous outcome and output structure as published in the 2007-08 PAES. The budget shown for administered programs is the revised budget published in the 2007-08 PAES updated for measures announced in the 2007-08 PSAES. Departmental outputs include the Department's own source revenue.
b The variance is the change in the Department's 2007-08 actuals over its revised 2007-08 budget.
c This program has now been renamed 'Regional Development Australia committees' and was first reported as such in the 2008-09 PBS.
d The Better Regions Guidelines will be considered by the Australian Government early in 2008-09 to enable program commencement and expenditure.
e In December 2007 the Australian Government decided not to proceed with this program.
f The underspend is a result of the decision by the Australian Government to close the Regional Partnerships program to new and uncontracted projects.
g The underspend is a result of the decision by the Australian Government to close the Sustainable Regions program to new and uncontracted projects.

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