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Index and key terms

List of case studies, figures and tables

Case studies

Chapter 1
APEC 2007 Transport Ministers Working Group
Green leasing
DOTARS LEADS-implementing a leadership development strategy

Chapter 3
Final report on Lockhart River aviation accident
Transport injury rates of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
Maritime Security Identification Card scheme
Liquids, aerosols and gels (LAGs) measures
Bridge leads to a brighter future for rail freight
Corridor strategies look to the future
Performance-based standards allow for heavy vehicle innovation
New airport pricing regime

Chapter 4
OzBerries project
Twentieth anniversary edition of the Australian Government Regional Information Directory
Sunshine Coast Helicopter Rescue Service new hangar
Bird Week on Christmas Island
Trail blazing beats bushfire in Bunbury

Chapter 5
Indigenous Professional Development Network tours Adelaide industries

Appendix B
Regional research


Figure 1.1: Value of administered assets held at 30 June 2007

Figure 2.1: Relationship of portfolio agencies in the general government sector, as at 30 June 2007
Figure 2.2: Departmental outcomes and outputs framework
Figure 2.3: Organisational structure as at 30 June 2007
Figure 2.4: Governance committee framework in place during 2006-07

Figure 3.1: Outcome 1 and outputs
Figure 3.2: Trends in road safety outcomes-fatal accidents
Figure 3.3: Trends in aviation safety outcomes-fatal and non-fatal accidents
Figure 3.4: Distribution of interstate road transport fees in 2006-07
Figure 3.5: On-time performance of all services, Sydney Airport, 1998 to 2006
Figure 3.6: Average weekly runway movements, allocated and available, by type of service, Sydney Airport
Figure 3.7: Distribution of aircraft movements within the morning peak hours on a Monday in the summer 2006 slot allocation period, Sydney Airport
Figure 3.8: Distribution of aircraft movements within the evening peak hours on a Friday in the summer 2006 slot allocation period, Sydney Airport

Figure 4.1: Outcome 2 and outputs
Figure 4.2: Distribution of Sustainable Regions Programme projects

Figure 5.1: Planning and reporting frameworks
Figure 5.2: DOTARS Business Excellence Framework
Figure 5.3: Area Consultative Committee boundaries
Figure 5.4: Distribution of departmental staff at 30 June 2007

Figure E.1: Trends in departmental electricity and energy consumption


Table 1.1: Summary of departmental financial performance and position
Table 1.2: Administered programmes reporting variances of more than $5 million
Table 1.3: Summary of administered financial performance and position

Table 2.1: Audit Committee membership and meetings to 30 June 2007

Table 3.1: Summary of resources and performance-Outcome 1
Table 3.2: Summary of performance-Output 1.1.1
Table 3.3: Trends in transport safety investigation
Table 3.4: Summary of performance-Output 1.1.2
Table 3.5: Trends in transport safety research and regulation
Table 3.6: Summary of performance-Output 1.2.1
Table 3.7: Aviation industry participants requiring audit, 2005-06 and 2006-07
Table 3.8: Aviation audit and compliance activities completed, 2005-06 and 2006-07
Table 3.9: Maritime security industry participants requiring audit, 2005-06 and 2006-07
Table 3.10: Maritime audit and compliance activities completed, 2005-06 and 2006-07
Table 3.11: Summary of performance-aviation security enhancements-improving international aviation security
Table 3.12: Summary of performance-aviation security enhancements-increased air cargo inspections
Table 3.13: Summary of performance-aviation security enhancements-regional airport 24-hour closed-circuit television pilot study
Table 3.14: Summary of performance-aviation security enhancements-regional passenger screening
Table 3.15: Summary of performance-aviation security enhancements-screening for liquids, aerosols and gels
Table 3.16: Summary of performance-Output 1.3.1
Table 3.17: Summary of performance-AusLink Investment
Table 3.18: Summary of performance-AusLink Black Spot Projects
Table 3.19: Summary of performance-AusLink Roads to Recovery
Table 3.20: Summary of performance-AusLink Strategic Regional
Table 3.21: Summary of performance-AusLink Strategic Regional-supplementary funding
Table 3.22: Summary of performance-AusLink improving local roads
Table 3.23: Summary of performance-AusLink improving the National Network
Table 3.24: Summary of performance-Management of residual issues of former Australian National Railways Commission
Table 3.25: Summary of performance-Murray River Bridges-Federation Fund Project
Table 3.26: Summary of performance-Upgrade of the Mainline Interstate Railway Track
Table 3.27: Summary of performance-Whitehorse Road and Springvale Road intersection upgrade
Table 3.28: Summary of performance-Output 1.4.1
Table 3.29: Trends in maritime and land transport
Table 3.30: Summary of performance-Bass Strait Passenger Vehicle Equalisation Scheme
Table 3.31: Summary of performance-Interstate Road Transport Fees
Table 3.32: Summary of performance-National Transport Commission (NTC)
Table 3.33: Summary of performance-Oil Pollution Compensation Fund
Table 3.34: Payments to the Maritime Industry Finance Company Limited (MIFCo)
Table 3.35: Summary of performance-Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme
Table 3.36: Summary of performance-Tasmanian Wheat Freight Scheme
Table 3.37: Summary of performance-Output 1.4.2
Table 3.38: Trends in aviation and airports
Table 3.39: Airport development expenditure at major airports
Table 3.40: Summary of performance-Airport Lessee Companies-reimbursement of parking fines
Table 3.41: Summary of performance-Compensation for the sale of airport land
Table 3.42: Summary of performance-Implementation of noise amelioration (Adelaide Airport and Sydney Airport)
Table 3.43: Trends in aircraft noise amelioration
Table 3.44: Summary of performance-Payment scheme for Airservices Australia’s en route charges
Table 3.45: Summary of performance-Sydney West Airport-rental properties
Table 3.46: Summary of performance-Contributions to international organisations
Table 3.47: Trends in payments to international organisations

Table 4.1: Summary of resources and performance-Outcome 2
Table 4.2: Summary of performance-Output 2.1.1
Table 4.3: Trends in regional services
Table 4.4: Summary of performance-Area Consultative Committees
Table 4.5: Summary of performance-Construction of the Bert Hinkler Hall of Aviation Museum
Table 4.6: Summary of performance-Contribution to the Australian Outback Development Consortium
Table 4.7: Summary of performance-Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal
Table 4.8: Summary of performance-Regional and Rural Research and Development Grants 186
Table 4.9: Summary of performance-Regional Partnerships
Table 4.10: Summary of performance-Remote Air Services Subsidy Scheme
Table 4.11: Summary of performance-Sustainable Regions
Table 4.12: Summary of performance-Output 2.2.1
Table 4.13: Profile of Australia's territories
Table 4.14: Trends in services to territories
Table 4.15: Summary of performance-Christmas Island phosphate mining rehabilitation
Table 4.16: Summary of performance-Norfolk Island-preservation and maintenance of Kingston and Arthur’s Vale Historic Area (KAVHA)
Table 4.17: Summary of performance-Norfolk Island-refurbishment of Kingston Pier
Table 4.18: Summary of performance-Norfolk Island Memorial for Minister Buffett Environmental Trust Fund)
Table 4.19: Summary of performance-Office of Administrator on Norfolk Island
Table 4.20: Summary of performance-Office of Administrator in Northern Territory
Table 4.21: Summary of performance-Payment to the ACT-assistance for National Capital type functions
Table 4.22: Summary of performance-Payment to the ACT-assistance for water and sewerage services
Table 4.23: Summary of performance-Payment to the ACT-compensation for the effects of National Capital influence on the cost of providing municipal services
Table 4.24: Summary of performance-Services to Indian Ocean Territories (IOTs)
Table 4.25: Summary of performance-Services to Jervis Bay Territory
Table 4.26: Summary of performance-Output 2.2.2
Table 4.27: Trends in local government
Table 4.28: Summary of performance-Local Government Financial Assistance Grants
Table 4.29: Summary of performance-Supplementary funding to South Australian councils for local roads
Table 4.30: Summary of performance-Output 2.2.3
Table 4.31: Trends in natural disaster mitigation and relief programmes
Table 4.32: Summary of performance-Bushfire mitigation
Table 4.33: Distribution of Bushfire Mitigation Programme funds in 2006-07
Table 4.34: Summary of performance-Donation to the Australian Red Cross Bushfire Appeal
Table 4.35: Summary of performance-National Aerial Firefighting
Table 4.36: Summary of performance-Natural Disaster Mitigation
Table 4.37: Distribution of Natural Disaster Mitigation Programme funds in 2006-07
Table 4.38: Summary of performance-Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements

Table 5.1: Trend in ministerial work flows
Table 5.2: Trends in external complaints and scrutiny
Table 5.3: Legal services expenditure
Table 5.4: External inquiries involving the Department in 2006-07
Table 5.5: Parliamentary and Senate Estimates questions on notice
Table 5.6: Trends in staff recruitment and retention (excluding-Indian Ocean Territories staff) at 30 June
Table 5.7: Trends in nature of employment agreements with staff (excluding-Indian Ocean Territories staff) at 30 June
Table 5.8: Trends in workforce diversity
Table 5.9: Workplace health and safety trends

Table B.1: Bureau of Transport and Regional Economics publications, 2006-07

Table C.1: Trends in procurement
Table C.2: Advertising and market research payments of $10.300 or more

Table E.1: Trends in departmental energy consumption

Table F.1: External bodies consulted by the department in 2006-07

Table G.1: Discretionary grants programmes

Table H.1: Workforce profile by classification and location
Table H.2: Workforce gender profile by tenure and hours of work
Table H.3: Salary ranges ($) for departmental employees by classification
Table H.4: Details of performance pay for non-SES staff on AWAs in 2006-07

Table I.1: Airport lease review meetings, 2006 and 2007
Table I.2: Airport insurance reviews
Table I.3: Environmental authorisations
Table I.4: Timeliness of airport expenditure plans and audit reports.
Table I.5: Approved major development plans

Table K.1: Performance indicators modified since PBS

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