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Case Studies

Case Study G1: Regional research

The Bureau of Transport and Regional Economics (BTRE) Regional Research team is your source for regional analysis and information refer www.bitre.gov.au. A feature of the BTRE analytical investigations into Australia's regions is the construction of regional indicator datasets, covering the economic and social characteristics of a region.

These datasets provide a consistent national and temporal source of information-enabling you to simply download, without concerning yourself with changing geographical boundaries, data that has been collected and to readily compare data from regions across the country.

The datasets cover industry structure, social capital, education and taxable income. For example, the taxable income dataset can be used as an indicator of economic activity. The map below presents real income per taxpayer (RIPT), an indicator of economic wellbeing-that is, how much on average an individual taxpayer of a region receives for the 2003-04 financial year.

Future datasets will cover wealth and income support for regional locations.

Australia Real Income Per Taxpayer (RIPT) 2003-04

Australia Real Income Per Taxpayer (RIPT) 200304

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