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Report on performance

Outcome 2 - Regional outputs and programmes

Assisting regions to manage their own futures

Regional services overview


Regional, rural and remote Australia accounts for over one-third of the population and two-thirds of Australia's export income. Australia's regions have made, and continue to make, a major contribution to Australia's economy and way of life. Australia's future prosperity and wellbeing depends to a significant degree on the strength of its regions.

In 2006-07, the Department continued to advise on and lead national efforts to tackle regional issues, including:

  • assisting regions to manage their own futures through programme delivery and policy development;
  • working side-by-side with Indigenous Australians to improve their lives, as part of a major whole-of-government initiative;
  • fulfilling the Australian Government's role in achieving good governance and community wellbeing in Australia's territories;
  • providing funding and support to local governments; and
  • funding natural disaster relief and mitigation programmes.

Outcome and outputs

Figure 4.1 shows the relationships between Outcome 2 and its four outputs.

Figure 4.1 Outcome 2 and outputs

Figure 4.1 Outcome 2 and outputs

What this chapter covers

Performance indicators

This chapter describes the Department's performance against the performance indicators (including financial targets) for Outcome 2 as published in the 2006-07 Portfolio Budget Statements (PBS), or modified in the 2006-07 Portfolio Additional Estimates Statements (PAES), or the 2007-08 PBS.

Financial performance indicators-price (for outputs) and cost (for administered programmes)- are on an accrual expense basis as published in the 2006-07 PAES.

Unless otherwise noted, and in most cases, the effectiveness, quantity, quality and location performance indicators are as originally published in the 2006-07 PBS. Exceptions occur because:

  • several new programmes, and their accompanying performance indicators, were first published in the 2006-07 PAES;
  • the performance indicators for new or modified programmes announced in the Portfolio Supplementary Additional Estimates Statements (PSAES) are not published until the following year's PBS, even if the new or modified programmes have implications for the current financial year; and
  • in the lead-up to the publication of the 2007-08 PBS, a review of performance indicators was undertaken, as a consequence of which the wording of a number of existing performance indicators was clarified, and a small number of new performance indicators were developed (refer Appendix K).

Where outcome/programme performance indicators differ from those published in the 2006-07 PBS this is indicated by a footnote to the applicable summary table.

Reporting structure

The chapter begins with a table summarising the budgeted and actual resources of Outcome 2, and the overall performance achieved, in 2006-07.

This is followed by the reports on performance for individual outputs. Each output report includes:

  • an overview of the output's functions and how they are delivered;
  • a summary of the output's results against the performance indicators;
  • a more detailed report on the output's performance against each indicator;
  • if the output has administered programmes, a report on performance against the indicators set out for each programme (these are summary reports, except where more detailed reporting is particularly warranted); and
  • a comment on the output's priorities for 2007-08.

Each output and administered summary report also includes a rating of progress towards achievement of the performance indicators using the following ratings:

fully achieved    mostly achieved    partly achieved    not achieved

Resources and performance - Outcome 2

Table 4.1 Summary of resources and performance - Outcome 2

  Budget 2006-07a $'000 Actual 2006-07 $'000 Varianceb % Performance rating Page
Outcome 2-Regional services
Output 2.1.1-Regional services 36,645 38,631 5.4 165
Administered programmes
Area Consultative Committees 16,964 16,905 -0.3 180
Construction of the Bert Hinkler Hall of Aviation Museum 1,450 - -100.0 183
Contribution to the Australian Outback Development Consortiumc 480 480 - 183
Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal 500 500 - 185
Regional and Rural Research and Development Grants 228 216 -5.3 186
Regional Partnerships 77,150 53,889 -30.2 187
Remote Air Services Subsidy Scheme (RASS) 3,980 3,337 -16.2 191
Sustainable Regions 22,554 7,052 -68.7 192
Output 2.2.1-Services to territories 9,930 10,864 9.4 197
Administered programmes
Christmas Island phosphate mining rehabilitatione 1,000 1,097 9.7 205
Norfolk Island-preservation and maintenance of Kingston and Arthur's Vale Historic Area (KAVHA) 542 542 - 206
Norfolk Island-refurbishment of Kingston Pier 275 127 -53.8 206
Norfolk Island Memorial for Minister Buffett (environmental trust fund) 95 106 11.6 207
Office of Administrator on Norfolk Island 535 480 -10.3 208
Office of Administrator in Northern Territory 240 222 -7.5 208
Payment to the ACT-assistance for National Capital type functions 1,252 1,251 -0.1 209
Payment to the ACT-assistance for water and sewerage services 9,435 9,435 - 210
Payment to the ACT-compensation for the effects of National Capital influence on the cost of providing municipal services 23,463 23,463 - 211
Services to Indian Ocean Territories (IOTs) 72,646 62,947 -13.4 211
Services to Jervis Bay Territory 4,960 3,495 -29.5 212
Output 2.2.2-Local government 2,217 2,174 -1.9 215
Administered programmes
Local Government Financial Assistance Grants 1,695,094 1,688,833 -0.4 219
Supplementary funding to South Australian councils for local roads 13,000 13,000 - 220
Output 2.2.3-Natural disaster relief 3,829 3,506 -8.4 221
Administered programmes
AMSA search and rescue reimbursements c - 224 100.0 -
Bushfire mitigation 5,055 5,055 - 225
Donation to the Australian Red Cross Bushfire Appeald 100 100 - 227
National Aerial Firefighting 8,000 8,000 - 227
Natural Disaster Mitigation 22,447 18,903 -15.8 228
Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangementse 86,940 103,686 19.3 230
Outcome 2-All outputs
Total price of departmental outputs 52,621 55,175 4.9
Less receipts from independent sources 1,041 1,099 5.6
Net price to government 51,580 54,076 4.8
Administered programmes summary
Total cost of administered programmes 2,068,385 2,023,345 -2.2
Plus depreciation, write-down of assets etc. 15,666 35,166 124.5
Total administered operating expenses 2,084,051 2,058,511 -1.2
Less administered revenues 26,172 40,406 54.4
Net cost to government 2,057,879 2,018,105 -1.9
Average staffing level 338 327 -3.3

aThe budget shown for both departmental outputs and administered programmes is the revised budget published in the 2006-07 Portfolio Additional Estimates Statements updated for measures announced in the 2006-07 Portfolio Supplementary Additional Estimates Statements (PSAES). Departmental outputs are inclusive of the Department's own source revenue.
bThe variance is the change in the Department's 2006-07 actuals over its revised 2006-07 budget.
cThis was a post PSAES decision to make a one-off payment to meet community recovery needs, and no performance information was published.
dAdministered programme introduced in the 2006-07 Portfolio Additional Estimates Statements.
eAdministered programme name modified in the 2007-08 Portfolio Budget Statements.

Michael Taylor, DOTARS Secretary, and Johnny Gordon, Chairperson for Mulan
Michael Taylor, DOTARS Secretary, and Johnny Gordon, Chairperson for Mulan - at the East Kimberley COAG Trial's biannual Regional Reference Group Meeting, held in Halls Creek in June 2007 (Photo DOTARS).

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