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APPENDIX G-List of discretionary grants programmes

This appendix addresses the requirement for us to report details of the ongoing discretionary grants programmes we administer.

A discretionary grant is a payment where a minister or agency has discretion in determining whether a particular applicant receives funding and what, if any, conditions are imposed on the payment.

Table G.1 Discretionary grants programmes

Programme name

More information

Details of grant recipients

Outcome 1-Transport

ATSB Road Safety Research Grants

For information about grant recipients, see www.atsb.gov.au

ATSB Aviation Safety Research Grants

Outcome 2-Regional Services

Regional Partnerships Programme

page 132

For information about grant recipients,
see www.dotars.gov.au

Sustainable Regions Programme

page 137

Regional and Rural Research and Development Grants Programmea

page 143

Services to Indian Ocean Territories

Page 151

a On 1 July 2005 the Regional and Rural Development Grants and Regional and Rural Research Information and Data programmes were merged into the Regional and Rural Research and Development Grants Programme.

The Territories and Local Government Sharepoint website is currently under construction and is expected to be completed early in the 2006-07 year. Information about discretionary grant recipients will then be published on this website.