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Annual Report 2005-2006

Welcome to the Department of Transport and Regional Services' online version of our Annual Report for 2005-06. This Report is available in PDF format for easy download and printing and in HTML format for web browsing.

Please note that the PDF version reflects the information contained in the hardcopy of the Annual Report tabled in Parliament onĀ 17 October 2006.

Acknowledgements and copyright
Letter of transmittal
Guide to this report

Chapter 1

Year in Review

Secretary Mike Taylor reports
Regional Services
Territories and Local Government
Australian Transport Safety Bureau
Office of Transport Security
Aviation and Airports
Maritime and Land Transport
Portfolio Strategic Policy and Projects
Financial performance
Environmental performance
Social performance
Case Study A1: A comprehensive review of air services policy

Chapter 2

About us

Our Ministers
About the portfolio
About the Department
Meet our executive team
Our governance arrangements

Chapter 3

Transport outputs and programmes

Output 1.1.1 : Transport investigation
Output 1.1.2 : Transport safety
Output 1.2.1 : Transport security
Output 1.3.1 : AusLink
Output 1.4.1 : Maritime and land transport
Output 1.4.2 : Aviation and airports
Case Study C1 : ATSB investigation of the loss of the immigration Department vessel, Malu Sara, in Torres Strait
Case Study C2 : Transport security aspects of the Melbourne Commonwealth games
Case Study C3 : BrisbaneCairns corridor strategy
Case Study C4 : Dynon Port rail link
Case Study C5 : Emergency towage
Case Study C6 : Environmental performance criteria for heavy diesel vehicles
Case Study C7 : Australian GNSS Coordination Committee

Chapter 4

Regional outputs and programmes

Output 2.1.1 : Regional services
Output 2.2.1 : Services to territories
Output 2.2.2 : Local government
Output 2.2.3 : Natural disaster relief
Case Study D1 : Diamantina Health Service Medical Clinic and Nurses Residence
Case Study D2 : Wonders Of Wynyard exhibition centre
Case Study D3 : Airport runway upgrade
Case Study D4 : Gawler river flood mitigation scheme

Chapter 5

Management and accountability

We are results oriented
We are honest, professional and accountable
We are client and stakeholder focussed
We are committed to improving our skills
We are diverse, trusting and respectful of each other
Case Study E1 : Indigenous initiatives


APPENDIX A : Report under the Commonwealth Access and Equity Strategy

APPENDIX B : BTRE research

Case Study G1 : BTRE contributes to productivity improvement on the waterfront

APPENDIX C : Procurement practices and outcomes

APPENDIX D : Report under the Commonwealth Disability Strategy

APPENDIX E : Report on ecologically sustainable development

APPENDIX F : Report under the FOI Act

APPENDIX G : List of discretionary grants programmes

APPENDIX H : Additional human resource statistics

APPENDIX I : Airport performance data


Index of compliance with JCPAA requirements
List of case studies, figures and tables

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Annual Report 2005-06
Year In Review
About Us
Transport Outputs and Programmes
Regional Outputs and Programmes
Management and Accountability
Financial Statements
Index and Key Terms
List of Consultancies