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This appendix provides an overview of the research work undertaken by the Bureau of Transport and Regional Economics (the BTRE).

About the BTRE

The BTRE is a specialist economic research arm of the Department of Transport and Regional Services.

What we do

The BTRE works within the department to provide economic research and statistical analysis on transport and regional issues for use in Australian Government policy making and by other government, industry and community customers. Our staff gather and evaluate a diverse range of data about the economic performance of Australia's regions and transport systems, including aviation and maritime statistics.

How we make a difference

The BTRE provides statistical or related data and research to inform the development of policy, regulatory and programme design advice, and to contribute to broader community debate on related issues. During 2005-06, the BTRE assumed responsibility for research and advisory services on specific strategic transport policy issues. This work feeds into the transport reform agenda of the Council of Australian Governments (COAG), and international forums such as the European Conference of Ministers of Transport.

Our research programme

The BTRE's research programme is developed in the department's annual business planning cycle to meet the broader needs of the transport and regional services portfolio for information and analysis.

During 2005-06, the BTRE published 12 reports and papers on transport and regional issues and provided 44 releases of transport statistics covering the aviation and maritime sectors.

BTRE publications 2005-06

Table B.1 lists the BTRE's publications and statistical releases over the past year and notes which publications or releases have contributed to the government's four national research priorities. Information on the government's national research priorities can be found at the Department of Education, Science and Training website, www.dest.gov.au. All publications and statistical releases are available as free downloads from the bureau's website at www.bitre.gov.au.

Table B.1 BTRE publications in 2005-06

BTRE publications



Cost of aviation accidents and incidentsa


Freight measurement and modelling in Australia

Working paper


Demand projections for AusLink non-urban corridors: methodology and projections

Information papers


Focus on regions no. 4: social capitala


Australian sea freight 2003-2004

Statistical releases


Airline on time performance

International scheduled air transport

Australian domestic airline activity


Airline on time performance

International scheduled air transport

Australian domestic airline activity

Airport traffic data 1994-95 to 2004-05

Digest of statistics 2004

General aviation 2004

Other major publications

Avline, issues 7 and 8

Waterline, issues 39 and 40

Greenhouse gas emissions from Australian transport-Base case projections to 2020b

Australian transport statistics June 2005 (pocketbook)a

About Australia's regions August 2005 (statistics pocketbook)a

a Contributes to National Research Priority 2-Promoting and maintaining good health
b Contributes to National Research Priority 1-An environmentally sustainable Australia

Engaging our stakeholders

In addition to published research and statistics, the BTRE arranges events that bring together industry, government and community stakeholders and help to better focus research and analysis. During 2005-06, the BTRE hosted the following major events:

  • a workshop on 'Modelling for better transport planning'. The workshop, held in September 2006, attracted 80 transport planners, modellers and policy analysts from state, territory and local governments, and from the consulting and academic communities. It considered issues in and approaches to improving land transport modelling and forecasting, including underlying data needs.
  • the BTRE's 6th Transport Colloquium. The colloquium, held at Parliament House in June 2006, had the theme 'Transport reform, competition and the future'. Close to 200 delegates participated in a wide-ranging programme that included discussions on the international aviation regulatory environment, strategies for addressing urban congestion and trends in energy for transport.
  • a workshop for members of the Standing Committee on Transport Urban Congestion Management Working Group and others. The workshop, convened in June 2006, considered analysis being undertaken for a review for COAG of urban congestion management.

Conference papers for the first two of these events can be downloaded from www.bitre.gov.au.

The BTRE also held five open seminars on publications released during the year.

Looking forward

In 2006-07, the BTRE expects to:

  • release new research results on harmonisation in the Australian railway industry, international experience with congestion charging, the port traffic outlook, and variations in the cost of living and doing business in Australia's regions
  • complete long-term traffic projections for the AusLink national network corridors, using new data provided for this purpose by states and territories
  • expand its statistical reporting in the maritime and land transport areas
  • report to COAG on the management of urban congestion.