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Annual Report 2004-2005

Welcome to the Department of Transport and Regional Services' online version of our Annual Report for 2004-05. This Report is available in PDF format for easy download and printing, and in HTML format for web browsing.

Please note that the PDF version reflects the information contained in the hardcopy of the Annual Report tabled in Parliament on 28 October 2005, the HTML version contains supplementary information including:

  • list of consultancies; and
  • old and new performance information.

Letter of Transmittal
Guide to Report

Chapter 1

Introduction and Overview
Our Ministers
About the Portfolio
About the Department
Meet our Executive Team

Chapter 2

Year In Review
Secretary Mike Taylor Reports
Transport Security and Safety
Transport and Regional Infrastructure
Regional Services
Financial Performance
Environmental Performance
Social Performance
Progress Against our Business Priorities for 2004-05
Enhancing Corporate Governance of Portfolio Bodies
Auslink changes the face of Western Sydney

Chapter 3

Transport Outputs and Programmes
Transport Investigation
Transport Safety
Transport Security
Maritime and Land Transport
Aviation and Airports
ATSB Forging New Ground in Transport Safety Investigator Training
Working with our Neighbours in Southeast Asia to Improve Security
Greening Australia's Cars
Planning Tomorrow's Transport System Today

Chapter 4

Regional Outputs and Programmes
Regional Services
Services to Territories
Local Government
Natural Disaster Relief
IOTs now on Australia's Tsunami Alert Frontline
Dam good solutions to Local water problems
It's Official: Lismore's Flood Levee Works!

Chapter 5

Management and Accountability
We are results orientated
We are honest, professional and accountable
We are client and stakeholder focused
We are committed to improving our skills
We are diverse, trusting and respecting of each other
Growing Our Graduates
Volunteering in the Outback


Report under The Commonwealth Access and Equity Strategy
Policy Adviser
Bureau of Transport and Regional Economics (BTRE) Research
Procurement Practices and Outcomes
Procurement Policies and Practices
Competitive Tendering and Contracting Arrangements
Payments of Market Research and Advertising
Report under the Commonwealth Disability Strategy
Policy Advisor
Report on Ecologically Sustainable Development
How our Activities accord with ESD Principles
How we administer Legislation in accordance with ESD Principles
How our activities affect the environment and how we minimise harm
How we review and increase the effectiveness of environmental measures
Report under the FOI Act
How to lodge a Freedom of Information request
What records we hold
Functions and Decision-making powers
Arrangements for Outside Participation
List of Discretionary Grants Programmes
Additional Human Resource (HR) Statistics
Old and new Performance Frameworks
New Outcomes and Outputs Framework
Financial Performance under the Old Framework
Non-Financial Performance under the Old Framework


Index of Compliance with JCPAA Requirements
List of Case Studies, Figures and Tables
Glossary of Terms

PDF Downloads

Annual Report 2004-2005
About Us
Year In Review
Transport Outputs and Programmes
Regional Outputs and Programmes
Management and Accountability
Financial Statements
Other Information
List of Consultancies
List of Old and New Performance Information

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