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Chapter 6 : Appendicies

Appendix A Report Under the Commonwealth Access and Equity Strategy

Supporting access and equity in the transport industry

A new national strategy aims to enhance access and equity in the transport and logistics industry and address a looming labour shortage. The strategy was announced in June 2005 by then Deputy Prime Minister and Minster for Transport and Regional Services, John Anderson.

One of the transport sector's major challenges is to recruit new staff to replace its ageing workforce and retain its existing workers. Sixteen per cent of the transport industry's workforce is aged 55 and over, compared to 12 per cent across all industries,' Mr Anderson said.

The strategy, All Aboard, will examine how the industry can broaden its recruitment to include more young people, women, people with disabilities and Indigenous Australians. It includes developing better training arrangements to support the existing workforce, including people in rural and remote areas.

One of the ways our department is working with governments, other agencies and industry to implement this strategy includes helping establish a national Transport and Logistics Centre of Excellence to promote better education and training in the transport and logistics sector (see page 88).

For a copy of the strategy visit www.dotars.gov.au/transinfra/docs/alc/all_aboard.aspx