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Appendix I : Corrections and amendments

One material error was identified in our 2002-03 annual report. It related to consultancy services (Appendix 1).

Consultancy Services 

In June 2004 the ANAO released Audit Report No. 50 of 2003-04 - Management of Federal Airport Leases. The ANAO noted that our 2002-03 Annual Report:

  • disclosed the value of the contract for the airport insurance adviser for that year rather than the full contract price, and
  • did not comply with the JCPAA's Requirements for Annual Reports for Departments, Executive Agencies and FMA Act bodies in this respect.

The full contract price for the consultancy, which involves annual reviews of insurance cover for leased airports, is $214 500 over the three years from September 2002.

Guidance issued to all groups in preparing the 2003-04 annual report emphasised the need to report the total value of each consultancy over the life of the consultancy agreement.