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List of discretionary grants

This appendix addresses the requirement for us to report details of the discretionary grants programmes we administer.

A discretionary grant is where a minister or agency has discretion in determining whether a particular applicant receives funding and what if any conditions are imposed on the payment.

Table 7.6 - List of discretionary grants programmes

Programme name
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Details of grant recipients
Outcome 1 - Transport
ATSB Road Safety Research Grants 98 For information about grant recipients, see http://www.atsb.gov.au/ 
ATSB Aviation Safety Grants  
Outcome 2 - Regional Services 
Regional Partnerships Programme a 111 For information about grant recipients, see dynamic.dotars.gov.au/regional/approved_grants/grants_all.cfm
Sustainable Regions Programme 113
Regional and Rural Development Grants Programme 135
Regional and Rural Research Information and Data Programme 135

a Legacy elements of the Regional Partnerships programme including grants for Rural Transaction Centres are not completely discretionary.