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Appendix B : BTRE research and contribution to the National Research Priorities


This appendix reports on how research by the Bureau of Transport and Regional Economics within the department contributes to the achievement of the National Research Priorities announced by the Prime Minister in late 2002.

As the table below shows, BTRE research focuses on issues relevant to the portfolio. It is relevant to the national research priorities in some but not all cases. For copies of research and other publications, visit www.bitre.gov.au/

Table 7.1 - BTRE publications in 2003-04

National Research Priority
1 2 3 4
    achieving environmental sustainability c promoting health and wellbeing developing new technologies and industries safeguarding Australia
BTRE reports
R109 Rail Infrastructure Pricing: Principles and Practice
a Appropriateness of 350 Million Litre Biofuels Target Joint report by CSIRO, ABARE and BTRE
a Urban Pollutant Emissions from Motor Vehicles: Australian Trends to 2020 Final DRAFT report for Environment Australia
a Impact of climate change on road infrastructure Joint report by many agencies coordinated by BTRE on behalf of Austroads b
a Forecasting inter-regional freight transport from regional development Report to Austroads      
Working papers
WP55 Government Interventions in Pursuit of Regional Development Learning from Experience
WP56 State Spending on Roads    
WP57 Land Transport Infrastructure Pricing - An Introduction
WP58 Investment trends in the lower Murray-Darling Basin
WP59 Road Speed Limits - Economic effects of allowing more flexibility 
WP60 Overview of the Australian Road Freight Transport Industry     
Information papers
IP49 Focus on Regions Number 1: Industry Structure  
IP50 Australian Sea Freight 2001-02      
IP51 Focus on Regions Number 2: Education, Skills and Qualifications  
Information sheets
IS22 Freight between Australian cities 1972-2001        
IS23 Public road-related expenditure and revenue in Australia        
Other major publications
May 2004 About Australia's Regions pocketbook        
May 2004 Australian Transport Statistics pocketbook        
Issue 3 & 4 Avline        
Issue 35 & 36 Waterline        

a BTRE does not number publications issued jointly with or on behalf of other agencies.
b Austroads is the association of Australian and New Zealand road transport and traffic authorities.
c Environmental sustainability is broadly interpreted per the principles set out in the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999. A report against that Act is at Appendix E.