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This report reflects the efforts of many people. Special thanks go to the following executives, who provided strategic guidance and/or facilitated relevant clearance processes:

Peter Yuile, Deputy Secretary
Jeremy Chandler, First Assistant Secretary, Corporate Group
Simon A. Ash, Chief Financial Officer, and
John Elliott, executive sponsor.

In preparing this report, business groups were fortunate to be able to draw on the project management and writing skills of:

Liz O'Donnell, Director, Business Performance Centre, and
Adrienne Day, Day & Hodge Associates.

Thanks are also due to the many people who took the time and trouble to collect, validate and/or proof-read material. In addition to line managers, contributors included:

Skye Campbell-Ward, Julia Dawson, Chris Fitzpatrick, Kim Huegill, John Izzard, Karla Juranek, Gaye Lindfield, Jann Ollerenshaw, Craig O'Neill, Prasad Satya, Craig Stone, Rohan Wong, Anne Wright and Nicholas Young from Corporate Group.

Robert Aked, Heidi Allen, John Benac, Janine Burge, Kaye Gaynon, Phill Grabham, Sebastian Harvey, Rodney Hutchison, Grant Jay, Olwyn Keir, Angelina Macie, Owen Randall, Tracy Svensson, Ray Theseira, David Wootton and Emma Yates from other groups within the department.

Leah Harris, Neil Christopher and Verner Verass from Design Direction laid out the printed and online versions of this report, and Barry Howarth Editing, Indexing and Researching Services indexed the printed version.

Specific acknowledgements for the use of data, photographs and other materials are included throughout this report. Where we do not do so, the department is the source of the material.

If you have comments or queries about this report, please contact our annual report team (for details see inside back cover).

Styles and conventions in use

The following notation is used in tables throughout this report:

$ million
zero, nil
estimated and subject to change e.g. through the Additional Estimates process
not applicable

Figures in the text and in tables are generally rounded. 'Totals' are generally the rounded sum of unrounded figures and so may not be the strict sum of the figures presented.


This report may contain images of deceased persons and of places that could cause sorrow.