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Part 4 : Management and accountability

Organisational management and accountability
  • Corporate governance priorities
  • Internal controls and compliance
  • External scrutiny
  • People and workplace management and accountability
  • Applying our values
  • Strategic policy
  • Operational policies and practices
  • Assessment of our people management priorities for 2002-03
  • Performance measurement
  • Employee demographics
  • Through our corporate governance, management and accountability structures and effective people management we seek to achieve our business objectives and be a high performing organisation that is a great place to work.

    We do this by working towards three organisation and people objectives:

    Effective client and stakeholder relationships
    We aim to engage and respect our clients and stakeholders by building sustainable and meaningful relationships with them in the delivery of our services.
    Organisational and administrative excellence
    We aim to improve and achieve consistency in our administration, business systems and processes across the department, increase our operational effectiveness and cost efficiency and be accountable to the government, our clients, stakeholders and the community.
    Capable, committed and productive staff
    We aim to build a diverse, capable and flexible workforce to deliver our business objectives and outcomes.

    Following is an assessment of the performance of our management and accountability structures, processes and performance for 2002-03. It is divided into two sections-organisational management and accountability and people and workplace management and accountability, including the mandatory reporting element on human resource management.

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