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Strategic policy

Organisation development

Organisational Capability Framework

As stipulated by the Certified Agreement, we undertook a work level standards review and identified an organisational capability framework which will be finalised in 2003. A major component of this work was to bring to life the department's values by describing the behaviour expected at different levels of the department. We will emphasise this behaviour in our main people management practices during 2003-04.

By assessing our performance against the standards we will be in a better position to identify the key areas for organisation development in the coming years. This will include assessing the need for follow on development after the conclusion of the Leading in DOTARS development program.

The organisational capability framework will also provide a valuable basis for future workforce planning.

Workforce planning

The department's Corporate Plan 2002-03 to 2004-05 expresses the department's wish to anticipate change and mobilise and manage resources in flexible ways to better meet changing demands.

Workforce planning communicates to staff the need to anticipate change and mobilise and manage resources in flexible ways. The department investigated necessary processes and procedures in line with this need during 2002-03 and has developed a workforce planning template. In the 2003-04 planning process the new business groups have commenced using a shortened version of this template for assessing workforce transition requirements.

By aggregating the business group requirements as part of the overall plan, the department will better coordinate its overall workforce requirements. We anticipate that greater operational effectiveness and efficiency of human resources management will address the changing needs of the organisation. Managed attrition will feature in the policy and practices improvement process.

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