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Applying our values

A statement of the department's values espousing the APS values and code of conduct is provided in our Corporate Plan and People Charter. While all employees are required under section 10 of the Public Service Act 1999 to observe the APS Code of Conduct and uphold the APS values, the department's own values guide employees to be:

  • honest and professional
  • accountable for their actions
  • responsive to the needs of government, business partners and colleagues.

Results of the 2002 People and Workplace Survey* indicate that the department's staff have successfully adopted and apply the values. In general, they believe that the department and their work colleagues behave in ways which reflect both APS and the department's published values.

We believe that a safe, fair, diverse and flexible workplace, where people are trusted, is the best work environment. This trust is fostered by:

  • communicating openly and regularly
  • recognising people's contribution and investing in their potential
  • leading by example and with clarity.

We have been recognised by the Australian Public Service Commission as displaying good practice in the embedding of values into the agency. Case studies covering commitment to values, serving ministers, learning and development and Leading in DOTARS are to be included in the Values in Agencies: Good Practice publication.

Figure 2: People and workplace performance framework

Figure 2: People and workplace performance framework

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