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Key Strategies

Key strategy Performance indicators Achievement
Facilitate the development of leading practice in local governance.
(Contributing division: Territories and Local Government)
Local governments providing additional benefits to people by instituting better practices, sharing information and being more innovative. Partially achieved

Key achievements

Two major initiatives contribute to facilitating development of leading practice in local governance:

  • National Awards for Local Government
  • Leading Practice Seminar Series.

National Awards for Local Government

The department sponsors the National Awards for Local Government to encourage local governments to develop leading practice in their administration and operations.

These awards are a flagship demonstration of leading practice in local government. They highlight innovative work being undertaken by local government in communities across Australia to improve business practice within councils and service delivery to communities. The awards recognise ingenuity, resourcefulness and self-reliance and identify and promote councils which are finding new ways of delivering services and developing local solutions to complex and challenging problems.

In 2002 the awards attracted 373 entries in 11 categories, an increase of 27 per cent over the previous year. The categories cover core council services, business and regional development, and community services aimed at building sustainable Australian communities.

The Awards for 2003 were launched at the Local Government Managers Conference in May 2003. Award winners will be announced on 23 November 2003 in conjunction with the Australian Local Government Association's National General Assembly to be held in Canberra.

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Leading Practice Seminars Series

The Leading Practice Seminars Series, launched in 2000, is a partnership initiative shared by the department, host councils, regional organisations of councils and local government associations.

The seminars run under the series provide an opportunity for an exchange of knowledge and expertise. In 2002-03 the seminars continued to be a popular forum for councils to come together to hear from their colleagues and discuss how specific case studies might apply to their own situations. Since its inception, well over 150 councils across Australia have benefited from this series.

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