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Regional Flood Mitigation Programmes

(Contributing division: Territories and Local Government) Achieved

Effectiveness: Reduced loss and damage to communities and infrastructure from the effect of flooding-the programme will have the direct effect of improving safety, reducing losses and damage, and maintaining business and economic activity in regional areas

Quality: A reduction in the estimate of average annual damage

Quantity: Increased number of properties protected from major flooding Increased number of flood forecasting and warning systems for flood-prone areas Increased number of flood-prone areas with structural and other measures in place

Cost: $15.1 million

Location: Rural and regional Australia, and outer metropolitan areas

2002-03 was again a successful year for the Regional Flood Mitigation Programme with another $8.8 million expensed on new and ongoing projects. Since its inception in 1999-00 the government has allocated over $30 million to the programme.

Funding was provided for a variety of flood mitigation measures ranging from multi-million dollar schemes in major regional centres through to smaller but equally important projects in rural Australian townships. Eligible projects included structural measures (such as channel improvements, retarding basins and levees), voluntary purchase of flood prone properties and flood warning systems.

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