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Natural Disaster Relief Arrangements

(Contributing division: Territories and Local Government) Achieved

Effectiveness: Reduction in financial burden on states and territories for eligible disaster relief measures

Quality: Stakeholder satisfaction and support of the arrangements

Cost: $132 million

Expenses under the Natural Disaster Relief Arrangements (NDRA) are dependent upon claims made by the states and territories as a result of natural disaster damage. A total of $83 million was expensed under the NDRA in 2002-03.

In 2002-03 the Australian Government provided funding under the NDRA to Queensland, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, Western Australia and the Northern Territory as a consequence of damage from bushfires, floods and storm activity.

The Natural Disaster Risk Management Studies Programme is also funded under NDRA. In 2002-03 the Australian Government made available a further $3 million under the Natural Disaster Risk Management Studies Programme. Sixty-four projects with a total value of almost $2.6 million were approved.

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