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Structural Adjustment Package for the South West Forests Region of Western Australia

(Contributing division: Regional Programmes) Partially achieved

Effectiveness: Contribution to regional job creation and the economic diversification of the South West Forests region

Cost: $3.9 million

Location: South West Forests Region of Western Australia

Of the $5 million originally allocated to the package $865 003 remained unallocated at the start of the 2002-03 financial year. Programme expenses in 2002-03 were $1.3 million.

Six new projects were approved in 2002-03 bringing the total value of round two projects to $670 410. Of the 18 projects approved in total, three were completed in 2002-03, three are no longer proceeding and 12 are continuing. $160 000 of the up to $5 million remains unallocated.

Over 100 full time equivalent positions have been created. It is expected the package will have a strong diversifying effect on tourism and local industry as well as job creation.

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