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Rural Transaction Centres

(Contributing division: Regional Programmes) Substantially achieved

Effectiveness: Small communities develop their own centres providing services such as banking, postal, internet, phone and fax, Medicare claim services and access to appropriate federal, state and local government services

Quality: RTCs report satisfaction with the programme Meeting expressed community need

Cost: $21.3 million

Location: Regional, rural and remote communities of less than 3000 residents

The Rural Transaction Centres (RTC) Programme aims to meet the needs of communities for basic services which have been withdrawn from, or have never existed, in eligible rural towns. It generally funds projects in rural, regional and remote communities of up to 3000 people.

In 2002-03, 67 new RTC sites were approved for operation across Australia and 21 new RTC Electronic Point of Sale (RTC EPOS) sites were approved. This brings the total number of approved RTCs to 164 and total RTC EPOS sites to 119. Of the approved RTCs, 80 are now operational supplying a range of services such as banking, Centrelink, Medicare easyclaim, business services and a range of government and private sector services. One hundred and one RTC EPOS are now operational.

The RTC Post Implementation Review involved stakeholder feedback and indicates that the RTC Programme continues to meet its objective of improving access for small rural communities to basic government, financial and other services.

Programme expenses for 2002-03 were $13.1 million. Remaining funds will be used in 2003-04 to meet existing commitments and future commitments for Regional Partnerships commencing 1 July 2003.

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