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Regional Solutions Programme

(Contributing division: Regional Programmes) Substantially achieved

Effectiveness: Regional, rural and remote areas of Australia develop local solutions to local problems and improve their sustainability

Quality: Stakeholder satisfaction with the programme Improved cross portfolio and jurisdictional cooperation

Quantity: Number and geographical spread of grants approved

Cost: $20.6 million

Location: Regional, rural and remote Australia

The Regional Solutions Programme (RSP) targets communities in regional, rural and remote areas that:

  • are experiencing economic stagnation and/or population decline due to industry restructuring and/or lack of diversity of economic activities in the region
  • are seeking to develop currently inadequate community infrastructure and/or services to cope with population or economic change
  • can build on the opportunities available in their local communities or regions by undertaking appropriate projects.

In 2002-03, 13 per cent of RSP projects involved funding from both RSP and other Australian Government initiatives, and 28 per cent of RSP projects included funding from state government agencies. Funding relates to both cash and in-kind sources. The number and geographic spread of the 229 approved grants in 2002-03 are provided in the diagram below.

RSP is administered in accordance with the programme guidelines and the Australian National Audit Office Administration of Grants Best Practice Guide. During 2002-03, the programme:

  • received 340 applications for funding
  • assessed and submitted 322 applications to the ministers for decision
  • total approved funding for 2002-03 was $24.65 million
  • expended $20.6 million on approved grants
  • executed 207 grant contracts for approved projects.

Total of approved RSP funding in 2002-03

Total of approved RSP funding in 2002-03

The Investment and Trade Package: The Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) was funded to deliver a package of two rounds of seminars throughout regional and rural Australia. A steering group to oversee delivery of the package was appointed, comprising ALGA, Austrade, Invest Australia, Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry-Australia and state and territory government departments, with the department managing the package. In 2002-03, 108 seminars were held in 48 locations across Australia. The average attendance at these seminars was 29 people and 77 local partners were engaged in the process.

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