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Dairy Regional Assistance Programme

(Contributing division: Regional Programmes) Achieved

Effectiveness: Improved opportunities for sustainable employment and regional development in dairy regions impacted upon by dairy deregulation

Quality: Stakeholder satisfaction with programme

Quantity: Number and geographic spread of grants approved

Cost: $33.2 million

Location: Dairy communities throughout Australia

The Dairy Regional Assistance Programme (DRAP) has assisted dairy-dependent communities to adjust to dairy deregulation.

Funding has been made available for a wide range of projects, with a focus on creating sustainable employment and stimulating investment within dairy regions. In 2002-03, 86 projects were approved for local dairy communities across Australia. In 2002-03, the programme spent $15.5 million; however, over $17.3 million was committed. The diagram below identifies how this funding was allocated by state.

These projects have created a significant number of jobs and stimulated over $79 million in cash co-funding contributions, most of which have come from private sector investment. This assists dairy affected communities to identify new opportunities or build on existing businesses within their region by drawing directly on the local knowledge and skills that already exist within these communities.

Projects that received funding under DRAP are endorsed by the relevant Area Consultative Committee (ACC) and are consistent with the local ACC's strategic plan for the region. In addition, in considering applications for funding, DRAP consults with relevant Commonwealth agencies seeking comment and industry knowledge on the project proposal.

Stakeholder satisfaction has not been formally assessed, but based on the low level of complaints received the DRAP has substantially satisfied this criterion.

DRAP figure for 2002-03

DRAP figure for 2002-03

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