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Construction of the Bert Hinkler Hall of Aviation Museum

(Contributing division: Regional Programmes) Partially achieved

Effectiveness: Contribution to construction of the museum

Cost: $1.5 million

Location: Bundaberg, Queensland

The Commonwealth's contribution of $1.5 million (GST exclusive) for the construction of the Bert Hinkler Hall of Aviation Museum in Bundaberg will provide an economic and employment boost for the Bundaberg region through increased tourism by providing the focus for future national and local aviation related events.

A deed of agreement was signed in March 2003 between the Commonwealth and the Bundaberg City Council to conduct, as a first step, a detailed study and business plan for the Hall of Aviation. In 2002-03, $50 000 of the $1.5 million was paid.

Following completion of the concept development and business plan, the council will need to make various decisions and approvals before the construction phase begins. As a result, project construction is unlikely to commence until 2003-04. Hence, in the 2003-04 Budget, the remaining funds of $1.45 million were moved to 2003-04 ($1.16 million) and 2004-05 ($290 000).

Stakeholders are satisfied with current developments.

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