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2002 Year of the Outback

(Contributing division: Regional Policy) Achieved

Effectiveness: Contribution to improved understanding of what the outback has meant to the nation's development and self-image

Cost: $0.6 million

Location: Regional rural and remote Australia

The department contributed to over 3000 events and activities held across Australia during 2002 Year of the Outback, showcasing the knowledge, culture and passion of the outback along with its traditional hospitality to international and domestic visitors.

These events have provided economic benefits to regional communities and have promoted better awareness between regional and metropolitan Australia:

  • The South Australian Tourism Commission reported that The Great Australian Cattle Drive attracted between 12 000 and 15 000 visitors who attended Cattle Drive events on the Birdsville Track. The Commission reported $3-5 million in regional economic activity associated with the Drive and an estimated 25 000 visitor bed nights.
  • More than 140 000 people visited the official Year of the Outback Internet site in 2002.
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