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Strategic objective : Transport systems which are sustainable and accessible


The year has again produced substantial changes in the aviation industry which has impacted on other transport modes. Access to markets and services has become an even more important challenge. A number of policies have been developed and implemented to address this issue. These include assisting the aviation industry in:

  • developing and implementing an action plan for regional aviation
  • establishing a price monitoring and access regime for airports
  • managing adjustments to the sale or liquidation of Ansett subsidiaries
  • improving access to air services through the Remote Air Services Subsidy Scheme.

An integrated transport policy focusing on more efficiently allocating funding for transport infrastructure for future requirements was also developed. This policy is built around AusLink, a new approach to land transport infrastructure planning and funding which aims to improve efficiency and maintain sustainable economic growth, development and connectivity at the national and regional levels.

Advice on measures to address the transport sector's greenhouse, air quality and noise emissions was also provided. This includes coordinating our input to the National Oceans Policy.

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Accessible Public Transport National Advisory Committee

During 2002-03 the department established the Accessible Public Transport National Advisory Committee (APTNAC). The committee aims to provide a consultative framework to progress specific national accessible transport issues associated with the implementation of the Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport 2002.

This committee has evolved from the Accessible Transport Standards Consultative Committee (ATSCC), which was established in March 2001 to progress the technical review of the Transport Standards.

Since then the role of ATSCC has broadened and the Standing Committee on Transport (SCOT) agreed that a new committee name and charter were required to better reflect the broadening role, resulting in the establishment of the APTNAC.

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The department has continued to focus attention on improving access in other transport modes through a range of funded programmes:

  • Alice Springs-Darwin Rail Link
  • Federation Fund-improving rail and road access in key areas
  • Gold Coast Light Rail Project
  • upgrading of mainline interstate rail track
  • continuation of the National Highway and Roads of National Importance Programme
  • continuation of the Roads to Recovery Programme
  • Bass Strait Passenger Vehicle Equalisation Scheme
  • Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme.

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