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Administered programmes

Contributions to support ICAO, IMO, OECD, NRTC

Contributions to support:
International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
International Maritime Organization (IMO)
OECD Road Transport
National Road Transport Commission (NRTC)
(Contributing divisions: Airports and Aviation Policy, Transport and Infrastructure Policy and Transport Regulation)



  • ICAO-Ensure Australian contribution to issues affecting aviation development, in particular, drafting international safety and operational standards (Cost: $1.6 million)
  • IMO-International agreements for shipping operators, ship safety and protection of the marine environment reflect Australia's interest (Cost: $0.3 million)
  • OECD-Road Transport-Improved international cooperation to increase the efficiency, safety and environmental performance of road transport through research and inter-modal linkages reports and workshops (Cost: $0.1 million)
  • NRTC-Improved efficiency, safety, and environmental performance of road transport through nationally harmonised regulations in areas such as compliance and enforcement, driving hours and fatigue management and performance based standards (Cost: $1.2 million)

Quantity for each contribution: Payments made in accordance with agreed schedule

  • ICAO-A contribution of $1.5 million was made as Australia's contribution towards ICAO. The payment amount fluctuates with the exchange rate.
  • IMO-Australia's annual contribution was assessed and made in accordance with IMO guidelines. A contribution of $0.3 million was made in January 2003.
  • OECD-Australia's contribution to OECD for 2002-03 was $24 000, paid in June 2003.
  • NRTC-A contribution of 1.2 million was paid in accordance with the agreed schedule.

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Infrastructure Borrowings Tax Offset Scheme

Infrastructure Borrowings Tax Offset Scheme
(Contributing division: Transport and Infrastructure Policy)

Effectiveness: Encourage private sector investment in the provision of public infrastructure

The Infrastructure Borrowings Tax Offset Scheme provides an incentive for private sector participation in public infrastructure. It is jointly administered by the department and the Australian Taxation Office. During the year, no new selection rounds were called and the department continued to maintain agreements under the scheme.

The Infrastructure Borrowings Tax Offset Scheme was listed in the 2002-03 Portfolio Budget Statements (PBS) as an administered programme. However, as it is unfunded it is not technically an administered programme.

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Tamworth Australasian-Pacific Aeronautical College

Tamworth Australasian-Pacific Aeronautical College
(Contributing division: Transport Programmes)

Effectiveness: Provide additional aircraft maintenance engineering training in regional Australia

Quantity: Additional students complete aircraft maintenance engineering training

Cost: $1.1 million

Location: Tamworth, NSW


The programme enabled the Australasian-Pacific Aeronautical College Incorporated (APAC) to provide additional accredited aviation and related trade training and skills to students.

In the first semester of 2003 APAC delivered the education of 14 trainees in stage one of the Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Program. The college also has 21 students continuing on into second year studies and 16 third year students, and also provides vocational educational delivery for schools in Tamworth. In addition, the revised Vocational and Educational Training program for TAFE commenced in March 2003 with 50 students enrolled, 16 of which were second year students continuing their studies.

A total of $856 000 was expensed on the programme in 2002-03. Approval will be sought from government to rephase the balance of funds to 2003-04.

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Compensation payment to SACL for the sale of Sydney Airport

Compensation payment to SACL for the sale of Sydney Airport Achieved
(Contributing division: Transport Regulation)

Effectiveness: Compensation to SACL for land sold to NSW Government to enable completion of the M5 motorway

Cost: $2.5 million

The land transfer to the NSW Government was completed and Sydney Airport Corporation Limited (SACL) was paid compensation of $2.7 million.

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