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Report on performance

Part 3 focuses on performance reporting. We seek to do this by assessing our performance towards achieving our two outcomes, with particular reference to the efficiency and effectiveness of our outputs (services delivered), key strategies and administered programmes.

In Part 3, performance is primarily assessed by identifying the key achievements realised for Outcomes 1 and 2 in relation to each outcome's strategic objectives (identified as key results areas in the 2002-03 Portfolio Budget Statements). The outcomes and strategic objectives are:

Outcome 1: A better transport system for Australia

Strategic objective

Transport systems which are safer and more secure*, more efficient, internationally competitive, sustainable and accessible

Outcome 2: Greater recognition and development opportunities for local, regional and territory communities

Strategic objectives

Regional communities which have better access to economic opportunities and services, and which are able to take the lead in their own planning and development
Territories which provide for their residents the same opportunities and responsibilities as other Australians enjoy in comparable communities
Local governments which serve their communities more efficiently and effectively.

For each strategic objective, Part 3 provides an analysis of major achievements and assesses the effectiveness of the outputs in combination with key strategies and administered programmes.

To further enhance accountability and transparency in performance reporting, we have used a rating scale to indicate the level of progress towards achieving the key strategies and administered programmes as measured against the performance indicators in the PBS:

  • achieved
  • substantially achieved
  • partially achieved
  • not achieved.

This comprehensive approach to performance evaluation ensures that performance is measured in terms of efficiency and effectiveness as well as achievement.

Part 3 is divided into two distinct sections: Outcome 1 and Outcome 2.

Figure 1 (p. 23) shows the cascaded linkages contributing to our two outcomes. It illustrates how the outputs, key strategies and administered programmes work together to help meet the strategic objectives as the pathway for achieving Outcomes 1 and 2.

Figure 1: Performance reporting structure

Figure 1: Performance reporting structure

* Security was included in the 2002-03 Portfolio Budget Statements (PBS) as a priority area but not in the strategic objectives. Due to the increased focus on security issues, and with the agreement of the minister, security has subsequently been included in the strategic objectives.

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