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Guide to the report


Part 1 - Secretary's overview

The Secretary of the Department of Transport and Regional Services, Mr Ken Matthews, reviews the performance of the department during 2002-03 and discusses the outlook for 2003-04.

Part 2 - Overview of the department

In Part 2 of the report we describe the structure of the department and the portfolio. The structure overview section lists values, roles and strategic objectives. We detail the outcome and outputs framework outlined in the Portfolio Budget Statements 2002-03. We also provide information on corporate governance, our committee structure and proposed changes to be implemented in 2003-04.

Part 3 - Report on performance

In Part 3 we report on the performance of the department against the strategic objectives, outputs and administered programme groups detailed in the Portfolio Budget Statements 2002-03 and the Portfolio Additional Estimates Statements 2002-03. Reporting in this section is structured around the two outcomes.

Part 4 - Management and accountability

In Part 4 we assess the performance of our organisational management and accountability systems and of our people and workplace management and accountability systems.

Part 5 - Financial performance report

In Part 5 we detail the department's financial position, including discussion of our financial performance for 2002-03, a summary of departmental resources and our audited financial statements.

Part 6 - Appendices

Part 6 addresses mandatory reporting requirements in easy-to-read tabular form, including:

  1. Consultancy services
  2. Advertising and market research
  3. Discretionary grants
  4. Freedom of Information
  5. Performance in implementing the Commonwealth Disability Strategy
  6. Environmental performance reporting
  7. Corrections and amendments

For further information on the Department of Transport and Regional Services

During the first half of 2003, the department launched a new corporate website with an upgraded search engine and enhanced navigation to assist our clients and stakeholders locate information more easily. The website includes:

  • announcements of new policies and programmes
  • all departmental corporate publications (e.g. Annual Report, Portfolio Budget Statements, Corporate Plan and Client Service Charter).

In line with our commitment to the Commonwealth Disability Strategy the department uses software recommended by the National Office of the Information Economy to ensure information is provided to our clients and stakeholders in the most appropriate format. Further information on our commitment to the Commonwealth Disability Strategy can be found in Appendix 5 on p. 239.

Please visit our website at www.dotars.gov.au/

The Annual Report 2002-03 is available on our website at www.dotars.gov.au/department/annual_report/2002_2003/index.aspx

Inquiries regarding this Annual Report can be made via the following methods:

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Annual Report Coordinator
Department of Transport and Regional Services
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Email: annualreport@dotars.gov.au

Phone: Direct enquiries to the Annual Report Coordinator on (02) 6274 7111

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