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APEC is the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation. It promotes trade and economic cooperation between 21 countries that border the Pacific Ocean.

AusLink is the Australian Government's answer to the challenges that lie ahead for Australia's land transport network. Its principal objective is sustainable economic growth, development and connectivity at the national and regional levels.

Chief Executive's Instructions provide instructions and guidance for accountability requirements
under the Financial Management and Accountability Act 1997.

Corporate Plan a document that provides guidance for people who work in the department and information for stakeholders through its high level statement of how we propose to go about our work over the next three years.

Client Service Charter sets out our service commitments and standards for our clients and stakeholders.

Governance Compendium outlines the department's internal governance framework and senior level committees.

Catalogue of Portfolio Agencies provides a profile of all transport and regional services portfolio agencies, including non-statutory bodies and committees that the department works with.

Legislation Directory details portfolio legislation currently being considered by parliament.

Competitive tendering and contracting (CTC) is the process of contracting out the delivery of government activities previously performed by a Commonwealth agency to another organisation.

Consultants are entities, whether individuals, partnerships or corporations, engaged to provide professional independent and expert advice or services.

Consultancy services are one particular type of service delivered under a contract for services. They are distinguished from other contracts for services by the nature of the work performed.

Discretionary grants are payments where the portfolio minister or paying agency has a discretion in determining whether or not a particular applicant receives funding and may or may not impose conditions in return for the grant.

Intermodal means the interaction of operations between transport modes.

Organisational governance is the process by which agencies are directed and controlled.

Outcomes are the results, impacts or consequences of actions by the Commonwealth on the Australian community.

Outputs are the goods or services produced by agencies on behalf of the government for external organisations or individuals. Outputs include goods and services produced for other areas of government external to an agency.

Plan on a page is the department's individual performance management system.

Purchaser/provider arrangements are arrangements under which the outputs of one agency are purchased by another agency to contribute to outcomes.

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