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Discretionary Grants Programme

Discretionary grants are payments where the portfolio Minister/ paying agency has discretion in determining whether or not a particular applicant receives funding and may or may not impose conditions in return for the grant. A list of grant recipients can be found at www.dotars.gov.au/dept/annrpt/ discretionary_ grants.

Table 34: Discretionary grant programmes



Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) Road Safety Research Programme

Under the ATSB Road Safety Research Programme, discretionary grants totalling $160,057 were paid to various recipients for road safety research projects.

Dairy Regional Assistance Programme* (DRAP)

DRAP is part of the Commonwealth Governments Dairy Industry Adjustment Package to dairy farmers and their communities following the deregulation of the dairy industry.

DRAP provides assistance to dairy-dependent communities affected by deregulation by helping them to generate employment solutions and deal with any social dislocation that may arise. The programme supports business investment and community infrastructure development and provides community access to training and counselling services.

Regional Assistance Programme*

The Regional Assistance Programme generates employment in metropolitan, regional and remote Australia by encouraging local community action to boost business growth and create sustainable jobs. It provides seed funding for innovative, quality projects of value to the community. The programme promotes a partnership approach, encouraging financial and other support from the community, the private sector and Commonwealth, State and Local Governments.

Regional Solutions Programme*

The objective of the Regional Solutions Programme is to provide assistance to regional, rural and remote areas of Australia to build their capacity to identify and implement opportunities. Communities are encouraged to:

  • have ownership of solutions to local problems; and
  • achieve self-sustainability through economic diversification.

Research, Information and Data Fund*

The Research, Information and Data Fund aims to provide information that supports the understanding of socioeconomic change in rural communities.

Rural and Regional Development Grant*

The purpose of the Rural and Regional Development Grant is to progress the understanding and support of socioeconomic changes occurring in rural communities by providing funding to institutions and organisations for research projects which add value to our knowledge of rural and regional Australia.

South West Forests Structural Adjustment Package*

The aim of the package is to diversify the economic base of the South West Forest region of Western Australia and build on its competitive advantage by supplementing private and other investment in employment-generating projects as this region has been directly affected by changes to the timber industry.

Sustainable Regions Programme*

The objectives of the Sustainable Regions Programme are to:

  • provide a national approach to supporting designated regions across Australia undergoing major change
  • assist regions undergoing major economic, social and environmental change to build a viable foundation for the future
  • promote a whole of government approach to regions by Commonwealth Government agencies.

In designated regions the Federal Government will assist locally based advisory committees established under the programme to:

  • formulate and test future development options for the region
  • identify and support specific activities to promote sustainable development
  • support community leadership in the development of local solutions
  • foster new ideas, community energy, drive and self reliance
  • forge partnerships between the private sector and all three spheres of government.

Understanding Rural Australia Programme*

The Understanding Rural Australia Programme funds research and development projects that focus on understanding, supporting and managing the socioeconomic changes occurring in rural and regional communities. Initiatives to be supported under this programme will reflect the vital role that local efforts play in achieving sustainable development.

Wide Bay Burnett Structural Adjustment Package*

The aim of the programme is to create employment opportunities in an area that has suffered persistent long-term unemployment and significant social disadvantage. Funding will be directed to new businesses or those wishing to expand, and to local government.

Year of the Outback 2002*

The Year of the Outback 2002 is a celebration of Australias outback communities, capabilities and activities, organised by Outback 2002 Pty Ltd, and funded by donations from the Commonwealth and others.

Note: * Also an administered programme.

In addition to the Departments discretionary grants programmes, the Minister approved payments to the States and Territories under the following Acts.

Table 35: Approved payments under administered Acts

Act #

Administering Division

Australian Land Transport Development Act 1988

Transport Programmes

Roads to Recovery Act 2000

Transport Programmes

# Payments made in respect of these Acts are the subject of separate reports to Parliament.


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