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Consultancy services

The list below details consultants engaged during the 2001 02 financial year with a contract price of $10,000 or more. The contract price for consultancies includes an amount for goods and services tax.


Method of selection

Reasons for employment

1 Advertised publicly

2 Elective tender process

3 Not advertised because a contract already existed

4 Direct selection/sole source

5 Joint venture

6 Consultants register/panel


Specialist skills not available within the Department are required.


They bring greater objectivity and independence to the task.


Rapid access to the latest technology and experience in its application is needed.


Appropriate in-house resources do not exist.


The Department benefits from their broader experience and practices.


Specialist skills can be transferred to departmental staff associated with the project.

Table 32: Consultancy services


Task undertaken/service provided

Value ($)

Method/ reason

Apelbaum Consulting Group Pty Ltd

Inquiry into diesel use and taxation.

10 945

4 d

ARRB (Australian Road Research Board [Pty Ltd])

Analyse the effectiveness of traffic counting methods and stations on the National Highways and ways to improve the quality of data and method of reporting of the counts.

80 000

4 a d

Australian Airport Consulting and Technical Services Pty Ltd

Provide aerodrome inspection services and technical advice and services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in northern Australia.

171 809

2 a

Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics

Investigate effects of climate change on the future costs of salinity.

21 886

4 a

Australian Local Government Association

Review of the Roads to Recovery Programme and development of asset management strategies.

150 000

4 a b d

Centre for International Economics

Evaluate advantages of investment spending versus debt retirement.

9 900

4 a b c e

CIT Solutions

Provide security awareness presentations for the Department.

17 600

2 a

Corporate Diagnostics Pty Ltd

Design, conduct and evaluate a workplace survey and supporting performance measurement tools; develop methods for measuring human resource and workplace performance which aligns with the Departments business, operations and culture; and provide insights for continuing organisational development.

162 590

2 a

Courage Partners Pty Ltd

Undertake a literature review on small communities as part of the Rural Transaction Centres Programme Post-Implementation Review.

20 000

2 b d e


Estimate emissions benefits together with costs of catalytic converter inspections.

54 560

4 e


Model responses of urban freight patterns to greenhouse gas abatement measures.

267 470

1 d


Develop the Evaluation Framework and Performance Measures for the Sustainable Regions Programme.

45 434

5 b e f


Provide specialist advice on a range of land related matters in the Indian Ocean Territories.

65 000

3 a

DBM Australia

Supply professional services including CD Rom development and provision, manuals and individual consulting. Conduct senior manager career management programmes for 13 officers.

91 163

3 a d f

Deborah May Pty Ltd

Undertake a research project for career advancement for women in the Department.

35 200

2 a b

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

Provide accounting services.

445 000

2 a

FDF Pty Ltd

Design a forecasting model for non-urban freight flows.

170 000

4 e

Flagstaff Consulting Group Pty Ltd

Audit of the Albury Bypass Review which was carried out by the New South Wales Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) and VicRoads during 200001 and 200102.

562 850 for fees and a maximum of 71 936 may be reimbursed for costs

2 a b e

Flinders Consulting Pty Ltd

Undertake a feasibility study of monitoring trends in severe non-fatal injury due to road crashes in Australia.

50 600

4 a

Institute of Transport Studies, The University of Sydney

Bureau of Transport and Regional Economics Time-use Study.

27 500

4 e

John Bowdler and Associates Pty Ltd

Provide services as Chair of the Industry Steering Committee for the Freight Transport Logistics Industry Action Agenda.

92 074 1

4 b e f

John Quiggin

Incorporating risk into benefit cost analysis.

20 900

4 e

John Wilson and Partners Pty Ltd

Undertake study of Interference to Civil Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Applications by Out-of-Band Interference.

37 900

1a c d


Conduct financial audit of the Remote Air Service Subsidy Scheme Operators.

38 500

4 c d


Provide of accounting services.

245 000

2 a

Lincoln Indicators

Analyse and report on the financial strength of proponents who request funding under Dairy Regional Assistance Programme.

14 164

2 a d e

Luminis Pty Ltd

Building on the findings of previous research projects, assess the technical feasibility of a protective headband for car occupants by developing a functional prototype protective headband.

33 340

4 a

Luminis Pty Ltd

Analyse data on travel speed and crash risk data collected in the previous study undertaken in 1977.

38 280

4 a

Macquarie Bank

Review the Australian Rail Track Corporation Business Case.

38 500

4 a b c e

Meyrick and Associates Pty Ltd

Report on inter-modal terminals in Australia.

28 950

2 a

Monash University

Undertake a cost-benefit analysis of seat belt warning devices.

64 548

4 a

Monash University

Supply Regional Population Forecasts to 2100.

18 160

3 d

New England Area Consultative Committee

Coordinate the New England and North West Regional Forum.

14 545

5 b

Orbital Engine Company (Australia) Pty Ltd

Evaluate exhaust emissions and fuel consumption performance of vehicles under IM240 and UNECE test cycles.

50 000

2 a

Origin Consulting

Develop an evaluation plan for the Regional Assistance Programme.

18 000

4 c d e

Quantum Market Research

Develop tag lines and logos associated with the Regional Australia Strategy, which encompassed developmental work for the Stronger Regions, A Stronger Australia statement.

61 668 2

2 a

Quantum Market Research

Develop tag lines and logos and test creative executions associated with the Regional Australia Strategy, which later developed into the Commonwealth Regional Information Campaign.

239 140 3

2 a

Singleton, Ogilvy and Mather#

Develop and implement creative approach for delivery of Commonwealth Regional Information Campaign.

828 626 4

2 a

Sloane Cook and King Pty Ltd

Conduct a study of Implementation of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Applications in the Agriculture Sector.

37 400

1a c d

SMEC Australia Pty Ltd

Complete the Cocos (Keeling) Islands Renewable Energy Feasibility Study.

54 000

2 a

Sparke Helmore

Provide probity advice for market testing of corporate services (except legal services).

90 728

4 a d

Steve Garlick

Conduct research into good practice of universities and communities engaging to promote regional development.

143 000

4 d

Taverner Research Company

Undertake a national survey of attitudes towards speeding and speed enforcement.

95 535

3 a

Trowbridge Consulting

Complete the Actuarial Review of Employee Provisions.

14 000

4 a

Valuer Generals Office

Provide valuation services.

12 000

4 a

WA Museum

Report on heritage value of Clunies-Ross movable collection.

24 220

4 a

WA Office of Energy

Develop a business/project management plan for power supply arrangements in the Indian Ocean Territories.

142 000

4 e

Walter and Turnbull

Provide accounting services.

100 000

2 a

Walter and Turnbull Chartered Accountants

Develop and deliver the Air Passenger Ticket Levy Audit Programme to cover the major and minor airlines in both the capital cities and regional areas.

158 555 (First Round Audits Year 1)

2 b e



Absent fixed price (agreed daily rate), task undertaken as required by Department and reviewed monthly.


No original estimate for contractwork undertaken as required for Regional Statement.


No original estimate for contractwork undertaken as required to test/refine creative executions to implementation stage.


Original estimates for contract exceeded as a result of changes to timing and components of overall campaign.


Item also listed under Advertising and Market Research