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Schedule of Unquantifiable Commitments

Department of Transport and Regional Services

as at 30 June 2002

The following departmental commitments are not disclosed in monetary terms as the contracted costs are expected to vary each year and can only be determined at that point of time

# The operating lease with Telstra Enterprise Services (formerly Advantra Pty Ltd) for IT and other Communication support services is dependent on a number of variables. An estimated fee of $12m is calculated for the remaining period of the contract which will expire on 14 April 2004.
# The contract with Australian Government Solicitor for the provision of Legal Services is based on time and materials and is terminable by either party, with 90 days notice. An estimated fee of $1.9m is calculated for the 2002-2003 financial year.
# The contract with Gaseng Petroleum Operations Pty Ltd for fuel arrangements on Christmas Island cannot be quantified with certainty as the contract price is based on supply. The contract expires on 3 February 2005.
# The contract with Allan Burke Real Estate for the provision of Property Management and Auction Services on Christmas Island and Cocos (Keeling) Island cannot be quantified with certainty as it is based on a percentage of gross rental collection and auction commission. The contract expires on 11 March 2004.


Last Updated: 27 February, 2013