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Legal Issues

Legislation directory

In March 2002 the Department presented the Minister for Transport and Regional Services with the first edition of the DOTARS Legislation Directory. The Directory was compiled during 200102 and serves as a valuable reference document, providing a short synopsis of each Act as it is listed in the Administrative Arrangements Order for the Transport and Regional Services Portfolio.

The Directory provides our Minister with an overview of legislation and its intended purpose, his roles and responsibilities as Minister, details of any reporting requirements and a list of associated regulations, determinations and orders.

It is an important part of the Departments corporate governance documentation and is a living document for this reason. It will be continually updated as legislation is added, amended or repealed in the Parliament.

A designated division and contact officer have been listed for each piece of legislation and it is their responsibility to:

  • be the Departments first point of contact for the legislation
  • respond to all questions relating to the legislation
  • ensure the Department implements all roles and responsibilities concerning the legislation
  • ensure all appropriate provisions of the legislation are observed
  • make arrangements for amendments to the legislation.

The Departments Legislation Liaison Officer can be contacted on (02) 6274 7843.

Significant legal action

Marra v. the Department of Transport and Regional Services

In June 2002 Deputy President Hotop of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal held that the Administrator of Vehicle Safety Standards has power under the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989 to retrospectively approve the importation of a vehicle which has already arrived in Australia. The Commonwealth is seeking a Federal Court declaration that the Act does not provide such a power.