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Commonwealth Disability Strategy


The Commonwealth Disability Strategy is a strategic framework for inclusion in and participation by people with disabilities in government policies, programmes and services. The Strategy is not intended to be prescriptive and was developed to give organisations the flexibility to determine the best way of meeting its requirements taking account of their varying business activities. Its focus is on achieving sustainable improvement over time.

Since we commenced the implementation of this Strategy in 2000-01, the Department has been able to build upon its commitment to contribute to the Commonwealths desired outcome of fully including people with disabilities in all aspects of community life.

In line with the Departments commitment to providing accessible information to all Australians, including people with disabilities, the Departments websites are compliant with W3C Priority 1 requirements and are Bobby A Approved. This means the Department uses the software recommended by the National Office of the Information Economy as the standard accessibility testing tool for web sites in our provision of information about what we do to our clients and stakeholders.

Announcements of new policies and programmes, and all Departmental corporate publications, such as the Annual Report and Portfolio Budget Statements, are available on the Internet in hypertext mark up language (HTML). Where practical, no paper-based publications are released without an electronic equivalent. A sample listing of documents made available on our website http://www.dotars.gov.au/ during 2001-02 follows.

Date Title
11 September 2001 Annual Regulatory Plan
7 November 2001 Annual Report 200001
8 February 2002 Request for Expression of Interest T2002/0032Programme Management System
14 February 2002 Portfolio Additional Estimates Statements 200102
18 February 2002 National Road Transport Commission Act 1991 Review, Invitation for Public Submissions, Terms of Reference
7 March 2002 Senate Order on Government Agency Contracts
13 April 2002 Review of the Intergovernmental Agreement for Rail Operational Uniformity and the AROUPublic Submissions are now being welcomed for the Review of the IGA and AROU, Final Terms of Reference
3 May 2002 Christmas IslandCommon Use Infrastructure Report
21 May 2002 AusLinkA National Land Transport Plan Background Briefing
20 June 2002 Media Release: Australia Releases Protocol for Ships Assisting People in Distress at Sea

As well as continuing our commitment to making reports and publications available electronically, in this second year of our implementation of the Strategy, Divisions have been more able to identify which particular roles outlined in the Strategypolicy adviser, regulator, provider, purchaser and employerare relevant to the work they perform.

Each of our Divisions has described in Table 31 (appendices), its level of performance against the measures prescribed in the Strategy.

The W3C standards are the Governments benchmark for accessibility for Commonwealth Government websites, and are primarily aimed at making web content accessible to people with disabilities. A consequence of the standards is that accessible design makes it easier for all users, regardless of technical or other operating constraints (for example, low-speed connections) to access information on the Internet.