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Output Group 4

4.1 : Policy Advice and Legislation, Ministerial Services

Output Performance indicators

4.1 Policy Advice and Legislation
Ministerial Services

Quality: Ministers and Ministers' Offices satisfied with the quality of policy advice and legislation development, and Department meets standards for policy advice, legislation and Ministerial services.

Target: 95 per cent level of satisfaction.

Results based on performance indicators


In 2001-02 the Ministerial Offices recorded a 98.9 per cent level of satisfaction with the various types of advice sent to them. This represents an improvement over the previous year's level of 96.7 per cent satisfaction. Because responses are recorded against Divisions it is not possible to provide specific data on a Key Result. A breakdown of these figures can be found in Part 5 Management and Accountability.

Advice was provided to the Ministers in respect of a wide range of issues covering the IOTs, Norfolk Island, the mainland Territories and the uninhabited Territories, and on matters relating to natural disaster management and local government.

The Department provided advice to the Ministers on legislative matters, including:

  • the repeal of a number of outdated regulations and ordinances relating to the IOTs
  • amendments to the Customs Ordinances to transfer responsibility for Customs functions in the Territories to the Australian Customs Service.

The Christmas Island Asia Pacific Space Centre (APSC) Ordinance and Regulations 2001 were approved by the Minister and tabled in Parliament. A licence agreement between the Commonwealth and the Asia Pacific Space Centre was entered into for preliminary earthworks at South Point.

The Minister approved a new determination for Jervis Bay Territory lease payments. Detailed advice was provided to the Minister on five applications for a Ministerial review of this determination.

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4.2 : Services to Territory Communities

Performance indicators

4.2 Services to Territory Communities

Quality: Department ensures that funding recipients meet terms and conditions of funding.

Administration of programmes in accordance with legislation, Government policy, and Departmental standards.

The extent to which equivalent mainland service standards for non-self- governing territories are achieved.

Services to self-governing Territories in accordance with Commonwealth responsibilities, and comply with Departmental requirements.

Revenue collected and reported upon in an effective manner in accordance with legislation and Departmental standards.

Results based on performance indicators


Non-self-governing Territory communities Christmas Island and Cocos (Keeling) Islands are continuing to receive equivalent mainland services as reported in the Commonwealth Grants Commission 1999 Report on the Indian Ocean Territories.These State-type services are provided to the non-self-governing Territories at mainland equivalent standards.

The Department has in place 28 SDAs with various Western Australian Government agencies to provide State-type services (including regulatory services) to the IOTs. During the year new SDAs were agreed with the Western Australian Department of Training and Department of Fisheries to increase the range of services delivered to the IOTs. The Department also commenced negotiations with the Western Australian Office of Energy and Western Australian Department of Culture and the Arts for future SDAs.

Recipients of State-type grants administered by the Department have met the relevant Western Australian requirements. The Department is progressing with Western Australia-equivalent schemes to facilitate private home ownership in the Territories.

The Department delivered a wide range of State and local government type services to the Jervis Bay Territory community. Those services range from health and education provision to the issuing of dog licences. The Department also provided a detailed submission to the Commonwealth Grants Commission Inquiry into service provision in the Jervis Bay Territory.

Social justice issues of concern to the Wreck Bay Aboriginal Community in the Jervis Bay Territory continued to advance through the Department's chairing and providing administrative support to the Justice Issues Group. The Group, which met quarterly, comprises both public officials and representatives of the Wreck Bay Aboriginal Community Council. Grant payments were made to the Wreck Bay Aboriginal Community Council in accordance with the Deed of Grant.

The Department was represented at Booderee National Park Board meetings and dealt with a number of key issues impacting on park management.

Departmental staff provided a high level of coordination support during the Christmas 2001 bushfire crisis in the Jervis Bay area.

On Norfolk Island services were provided in accordance with Commonwealth responsibilities and complying with Departmental requirements.

Revenue collection in the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Christmas Island and Jervis Bay Territory was in accordance with legislation and Departmental standards.

The Department has arrangements in place with the Western Australian Department of Treasury and Finance to collect revenue from the IOTs on the Commonwealth's behalf under the applied Western Australian legislation.Revenue collected via this arrangement has been accounted for and reported on in accordance with legislation and Departmental standards.

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Last Updated: 27 February, 2013