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Performance Summary

During 2001-02 the Territories and Local Government Division of the Department continued to assist the Territories to establish and maintain effective and appropriate governance. The Territories operate in different geographical, historical and social contexts and their forms of governance reflect those differing situations. Norfolk Island, the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory have self-government under Commonwealth legislation. Christmas Island and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands-known as the Indian Ocean Territories (IOTs)-are non-self-governing. Jervis Bay Territory is different again, with a Wreck Bay Aboriginal Community Council and State and local government services delivered by the Department through the regional office of the Department.

Summary list of effectiveness indicators for key strategies, outputs and administered programmes for Key Result 4

Effectiveness indicators for key strategies
  • Territory residents receiving appropriate and effective governance
  • Relevant government services meeting acceptable standards of comparability
  • Improved employment levels and economic activity in the non-self-governing Territories
  • Output Group 4
    4.1 : Policy Advice and Legislation, Ministerial Services
    4.2 : Services to Territory Communities
    Administered programmes
  • Payment to the Australia Capital Territory to assist in meeting the additional cost it bears arising from Canberra's role as the National Capital
  • Payment to the Australia Capital Territory to compensate for the effects of National Capital influence on the costs of providing municipal services